What is PRX NXT?

Originally posted on Generation PRX.

At PRX HQ, we’ve been talking about how to improve PRX in a number of ways, including some exciting changes to profile pages, audio and, ultimately, listening. It’s a project we’re calling PRX NXT. We asked Director of Project Management Matt MacDonald, who heads up the project, to break it down.

GPRX: Take it from the top: What is PRX NXT?

Matt MacDonald, developer smarty man

Matt: PRX NXT is a significant refresh and update to the PRX.org website, improving the publishing process and creating brand new piece and producer profile pages with a focus on increasing listening.

GPRX: What are the biggest changes producers will notice as it rolls out?

Matt: Producers will notice that piece pages will be updated to make it much easier for people to listen to their stories and share their work. We know that visitors to PRX often first experience a producers work via a piece page, that essentially a piece page is a homepage for PRX and the producer. With that in mind we’re focusing on designing that page to encourage more listening. Right now when you visit a PRX piece page it is very much geared toward the marketplace, producers selling pieces and stations buying pieces. The most visible change will probably be how much we’re improving the listening experience.

GPRX: How will these changes help producers get audio work out in the world?


Matt: I’d say the most important change that we’re making relates to the listening experience. PRX.org has always been an open and transparent marketplace and the listener community has just sort of come along for the ride. With PRX NXT we are creating a world-class listening destination for professional audio and storytelling producers. We want to make sure that when a producer points someone to their PRX piece or producer profile that they get a great listening experience.

GPRX: Anything else we should know?

Matt: We’d love to hear what producers at all stages of their career and experience level need to improve their work and build audience. Whether you are looking to become a professional producer or a skilled hobbyist, we want to make sure that PRX is the home for your audio stories.

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PRX presentation on station online strategies

Over the summer PRX assessed the current state of public radio stations’ online strategies as part of a presentation for the annual Station Resource Group retreat (in spectacular Sedona AZ).

We did about 10 interviews with station managers and directors (enabled by freeconferencecall.com’s MP3 recordings and castingwords.com, transcripts to be posted soon), a short self-assessment survey, and hired an outside auditor to review SRG member websites across a number of criteria.

We also worked with Quentin Hope – a long-time PRX advisor and collaborator on our original business plan – to develop the beginnings of a sophisticated strategy mapping tool that helps a station think through high-level goal setting as well as specific task evaluation. You can see the mapping starting on page 54.

Stations have decided that the web is central to their future and critical to their public service mission, but they are still searching for ways to translate high-level aspirations into workable strategies and implementation.

(PRX continues to consult with stations about these and other pressing issues, and welcomes inquiries from stations or others interested in our perspective and experience).