Remix is on WREM 88.7FM

Today Public Radio Remix — our 24/7 stream of audio awesomeness — went live on WREM 88.1FM in Canton, NY. WREM is a brand new acquisition of North Country Public Radio, owned and operated by St. Lawrence University. Take a look at their spiffy Remix webpage, which has current and upcoming playlists, links to each story, a feed of the Public Radio Remix blog, and more.

WREM joins KPBZ in Spokane, WA as our second terrestrial station carrying Public Radio Remix.

We want to thank North Country Public Radio Program Director Jackie Sauter, Chief Engineer Bob Sauter and General Manager Ellen Rocco for making this launch as easy as pie. We’re thrilled!

Nine Inches Closer to Remix Freedom

Nine Inch Nail's only official member - Trent Reznor
Nine Inch Nail’s only official member – Trent Reznor

The Industrial Rock project Nine Inch Nails has taken a large step in championing the ideas of the remix community. Having released both of their most recent albums through the Creative Commons Non Commercial-Share Alike license, the group has given the general public the ability to remix and sample their work as much as they desire so long as none of the derivative works are sold for profit. They even launched the comprehensive website where users can create their own mixes upload and share them with each other. If you weren’t a fan before, here is a great reason to become one. Go check out some of the mixes…

Mechanical Turk takes apart Girl Talk

Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals is brilliant. It works solely as a finely cut gem of pure enjoyment, but it is also a pop art puzzle. It’s the puzzle aspect that Andy Baio decided to take a HIT out on. This post describes how he got all the Billboard chart data for the 264 sampled songs on the album by paying $0.02 for every verified answer using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. To say the least, the crowd sourcing worked, “Within an hour, all but 4 answers were submitted. The median time to finish a request was an impressive 26 seconds”

Here’s some of the resulting data, mapped out all pretty.

We have a great deal of Girl Talk on the Remix Radio stream. Stay tuned.