Zeitfunk Update, 06/01/05

Here is a snapshot of some leading PRX stats as of 06/01/05:

there have been 3735 licenses
of 1596 unique pieces
from 388 unique “sellers”
for a total of 1705 hours of programming acquired

213 stations have licensed at least one piece on PRX

there are 617 individual producers

there are 132 producer groups


  • 4446 pieces ever posted to PRX
  • 3249 pieces currently on the site
  • 551 stations pieces
  • 1532 individual producer pieces
  • 1174 from producer group pieces
  • percent of all pieces on PRX that been licensed at least once: 36%
  • $25k in PRX Royalties for Q1 2005

    During the first quarter of 2005 radio stations licensed radio pieces from the Public Radio Exchange 837 times, generating $24,782.20 in royalties to producers and stations whose work was licensed.

    140 independent producers, organizations, and stations earned royalties, and a total of 548 hours of programming was acquired for broadcast. Not too shabby!

    PRX pays royalties on a quarterly basis. Royalties are based on the length of the piece and the number of times it is licensed by stations. Currently the default pricing is $0.50 per minute per license.

    2004’s Fifteen Most-Licensed Pieces

    1. The Orphan Train
    2. We Were on Duty
    3. Journalists and War
    4. The Ring and I
    5. Soapbox Election/Inauguration Special
    6. War of the Worlds, an Annotated Guide
    7. Lost & Found Sound and Beyond: Hour One
    8. Lost & Found Sound and Beyond: Hour Two
    9. With God on Our Side
    10. The Electoral College: Democracy Gained or Lost?
    11. A Prairie Home Companion Patriotic Songs
    12. The Creative Remix
    13. Lady Bird Johnson: Legacy of a First Lady
    14. Hard to Say
    15. 2004 Third Coast Broadcast with Jay Allison

    and some details on the top fifteen pieces