Meet the GPRX Bullying Stories Project Producers

GPRX Bullying Stories Project Producers

Several weeks ago, we asked the Generation PRX network to send us pitches on stories about bullying – and did they answer the call!  We received a large pile of terrific submissions from youth radio groups around the country.  Our panel of youth and adult producers had the extremely difficult job of selecting just five finalists from the group.

And here they are!  Over on the GPRX blog, you can meet the producers and hear their pitches.  As thanks for their work (and with our thanks to the Motorola Mobility Empowerment Foundation), each group received a recording kit (including a Sony PCM-M10 recorder and an RE-50 mic, for the tech-curious among you) and Hindenburg Journalist audio editing software.

The team is already hard at work, collaborating with GPRX and producer Catie Talarski of WNPR to turn their pitches into stories that will become part of an hour-long special on bullying.

We’re delighted to work with all of these talented producers, and to share youth voices on bullying with the entire PRX network.  Want project updates?  Follow us here.

Now Hiring: Director of the Public Media Accelerator

Please retweet and share and help us find someone great to join our team.

The full job description and link to online application is here on the Public Media Accelerator site.

And here’s what we’re looking for in brief:

Our ideal candidate is a current or recent technology/media entrepreneur, excited about if not directly experienced in public service media, with superb project and people management skills, and the ability to inspire and facilitate visionary, sustainable change. Previous involvement with startup accelerators is a big plus.

PRX Monthly Update

Hello, December, hello Global Warming! Hey—we’ll take what we can get. Hold on to your headphones, because this month was a whirlwind of turkey, Muppets, Third Coast stories, conferences—the works!


  • KPBS app comes alive!


There’s always too much to report, so check back next month for more updates. And if you’re not already doing so, follow us in real-time on Twitter and Facebook.

Incredible Embeddable Girls

Caption: Host, Tina Fey

Just in case you missed it, this week The Kitchen Sisters made a splash with their “Hidden World of Girls,” hosted by Tina Fey. The pieces were spotted on Jezebel, HuffPo, and Time. “The Hidden World of Girls,” reached near and far as listeners were able to easily listen via PRX’s embeddable player, which HuffPo used for both of the pieces in the series. Check out that player in action! Looks great, right?

If you’re a producer, we strongly suggest that you update your piece permissions to enable people to share, stream and embed your work. Although we can’t guarantee that your piece will be Jezebeled or HuffPo’d, we can guarantee that enabling sharing equals more potential listens which equals success in our books. Now spread the love!

The PRX Monthly Update

Happy November! Winter is coming in like a lion and we’re trying (and failing) to successfully adjust our thermostat to the perfect temperature in our new office. Did we tell you we moved? Well, we moved! This is our 6th? 8th? Maybe even 20th office in Harvard Square, but we’ve finally settled in where the view is fine and the pizza is delicious.

We’ve also done other stuff, too (other than eat pizza). We went on a staff retreat! Here’s a picture of ALL of us in the woods.

We came together from near and far to Essex, MA where we spent a day and a half reflecting, brainstorming and just plain hanging/board gaming out.

Speaking of boards, last week we were pleased to have our Board of Directors in town for a very successful and inspiring meeting of the minds. We’ve got lots of exciting plans ahead, so stay tuned!

Finally, the apps! How could I forget? Our developers are like Santa’s Workshop for the iTunes App Store over here. In the past few weeks they’ve created KCRW Music Mine, and station apps for WNYC, Vermont Public Radio, KQED, and WQXR. We’ve got a few Android apps coming soon, too! Download them. Love them.

Well, that’s all for now. But check back here for PRX Monthly Updates (better title to come) about all things PRX, and if you’re a producer or station member in the area, don’t hesitate to stop in and say hello—we’ve got a giant bin of Twizzlers with your name on it!

New Member Support and Administrative Associate

Hello! My name is Audrey Mardavich and I am happy to say that I am the newest member of the PRX team. Most recently, I spent the past year in Austin, Texas as an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) at the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. At the Food Bank, I helped the Communications team collect stories for their “StoryBank,” which included written pieces, podcasts and videos of our clients and their experiences with food insecurity. Not only did I learn a lot of new technical skills doing this, but I learned many new ways to tell a story.

I studied English and Creative Writing at Suffolk University in Boston, and storytelling has always been something that has come naturally to me. When I interviewed the Food Bank clients, I realized how important it was for them to be able to share their story, and it became apparent how much was lost when a 20 minute conversation became a two paragraph blog post.

In came the podcasts and videos–now Clarice from Waco, and Robert from Marlin were able to share their own story in their own voice which not only made for a more compelling story, but a more democratic one.

I learned that the best stories are often the stories that are struggling to be heard. This is why I am excited to be a part of an organization dedicated to making the best stories available to listeners everywhere in new, exciting ways. I am so excited to help you get your story heard, help listeners use our site and applications to their fullest potential, and hear amazing stories along the way.

Music Mine: A Stunning App for KCRW and Music Lovers Everywhere

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of KCRW Music Mine, an iPad app that gives you a unique, exciting way to discover new music.

Music Mine is the product of a close partnership between PRX and KCRW, with design by Roundarch and music intelligence powered by The Echo Nest. Nearly a year in the making, the app developed from lengthy brainstorming sessions about what a next-generation station experience on the iPad should — and could — be.

KCRW excels at a lot of things — music, news, local Los Angeles culture, food, arts, film. But rather than attempt to recreate the website, or duplicate the station’s existing iPhone app on the iPad, we went further. We chose a focused concept that spotlights KCRW’s expertise in music discovery and pushes the limits of the iPad user experience.

PRX and KCRW certainly weren’t the first to come up with an app that lets you listen to music or even radio programs about music. So we pushed further, drawing upon the formidable design talents of digital agency Roundarch to wield user experience and graphic design to truly set this app apart. The Echo Nest was also brought in for their “music intelligence platform” which gathers music news and multimedia content from across the web.

The result is stunning. This video gives you an idea:

The app is beautiful and appealing. But we weren’t just going for beauty. We wanted to transform the music discovery experience from simply tapping a Play button and getting what you’re given (though that’s plenty great, too) into something much more active. With KCRW Music Mine, you want to pay attention. You want to explore, with the knowledge that KCRW DJs will make sure you only find good stuff. You can use the app simply to discover new music to like, or you can choose to go deeper to learn more about the artist and their work.

Or, you can just tap a Play button and get what KCRW’s Eclectic24 gives you.

Not only do we think Music Mine reshapes the music discovery experience, we think it exemplifies the kind of mobile/tablet presence public media should aspire to. At PRX, we believe that new platforms are opening up great possibility for fresh new expressions — not just reflections — of stations and programs.

KCRW Music Mine is a perfect incarnation of PRX’s mobile goals: To partner with innovative entities to create cutting-edge mobile experiences for public media.

Get the app!

PRX move #8

Office, sweet office — again! PRX has made its eighth move in eight years, continuing our grand tour of Harvard Square. This time, if we could build a fireman’s pole into the floor below us, we’d land in a place to get some artsy earrings.

Why so many moves? We’ve grown in staff a lot, especially in the early and recent years. We’re now up to a whopping (in PRX standards) 13 staffers and are getting settled in our new home. Producers and stations in the area are always welcome to stop by.