PRX Executive Director Jake Shapiro and co-founder Jay Allison will be participating in the National Federation of Community Broadcasters 28th annual conference in San Francisco, March 2003, as well as the subsequent Association of Independents in Radio “Producers Intensive”.

On Thursday, March 20 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm PRX Executive Director Jake Shapiro will be on a panel at the NFCB Conference entitled “Using the Web to Expand Your Service”.

And on Sunday, March 23, Shapiro and Allison will conduct two sessions on “Making PRX Work” at the AIR event.

Click here for more information on the NFCB conference.

Click here for more information on the AIR Producers Intensive.

Airspace Features PRX

The Winter 2003 edition of Airspace, a publication of The Association of Independents in Radio, contains a feature on PRX entitled “A New Online Marketplace for Audio”.

Click here to download the PDF version of the newsletter. The PRX feature is on pages 18-20.

“The Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is about to change the landscape of the public radio world. Whether you think of it as a bridge between producers and stations, a market square for community commerce, or a new hall for social and business gatherings, this new structure now being built in cyberspace will bring about a tectonic shift not only in the way people in the system connect with each other, but in the way independently produced audio reaches stations and listeners.”

New Online Surveys

The Radio Exchange has posted two new online surveys as part of a business and technology planning process. The surveys are for content creators and content acquirers – mostly producers and stations. Please take a minute to fill one or both of them out (they are quite short and sweet) and help the Radio Exchange build a better service.

Radio Exchange at Third Coast

The Radio Exchange will be at the Third Coast International Audio Festival conference in Chicago, October 31-November 2, 2002.

In addition to attending conference events, doing lots of listening, and meeting as many producers as possible, Jake Shapiro and Jay Allison of the Radio Exchange will serve on panels at the conference:

What it takes to get your work on the national airwaves. Representatives from NPR, PRI and the new Radio Exchange will explain how to get work on national vehicles and how to distribute stand-alone specials and series. They will address such important issues as pay, producer credits, rights and editorial control. With Peggy Girshman (NPR,) Jake Shapiro (Radio Exchange) and Heidi Schultz (Public Radio International).(click here for the archived RealAudio stream of the “Airtime” panel)

Jay Allison will lead a discussion about the ways in which documentarians must be skilled in the art of trespassing — into the lives of others, between mediums, and across boundaries that exist within their own roles as journalists, reporters, historians, interpreters, and storytellers. With documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Barret, documentary photographer Joel Meyerowitz and co-producer of Ghetto Life 101 and Remorse, LeAlan Jones.

“Why Fund Media?” highlights the Radio Exchange

The Council on Foundations has released a report for the foundation and media communities entitled “Why Fund Media?”, which features the Radio Exchange alongside new radio projects such as the Third Coast Festival and The report focuses on “the unique effect media can have in advancing program goals”, and “supports grantmakers in their decision to fund media projects.”

Here’s an excerpt of the article on radio projects:

“[Jay] Allison has now joined with the Station Resource Group, a membership organization of leading public radio stations, to develop another idea that might bring even more independently produced pieces to a wider audience: The Radio Exchange (

The Radio Exchange will be an online clearinghouse for works from independent producers and stations across the country. Contributors will encode their pieces in MP3 digital audio format and upload them to a database. Staffers at public radio stations will then visit the site, read synopses and reviews of the uploaded works, and download them for broadcast on a locally produced show. The Radio Exchange will “move the center” of the public radio system, Allison says, and begin making a truly decentralized network of producers and stations. The project recently received its first major support from the Corporate for Public Broadcasting.

‘If the mechanism were in place so that the real diversity of program material could get to the air, and stations committed the time, we could have a whole different range of voices on the air,” he says. ‘Once that exists I think support [from foundations] would be a much more attractive option.'”

Click here to read the full artcile.

Click here to visit the “Why Fund Media?” website.

“Webcasting: A Tangled Issue”

September 23, 2002 12:00pm
Suffolk Law School, 120 Tremont St., 1st floor function room

“Webcasting: A Tangled Issue”

The panelists and audience will discuss the artist,
record company, Webcaster and other viewpoints related
to Webcasting, including copyright law (DMCA),
statutory licenses, royalties, and other hot issues.

Panel Moderator:

Mark A. Fischer. Mark is a partner at Palmer & Dodge
LLP. Mark’s practice emphasizes law and business of
music, motion pictures, electronic commerce, and new
media endeavors. He chairs the Palmer & Dodge
Publishing & Entertainment Group.

Panelists include:

John Simson. John is the Executive Director of
SoundExchange and has been involved in the music
industry since his 1971 signing with Perception
Records as a singer/songwriter. His career has
included a ten year partnership in Studio One Artists,
managing country superstar Mary Chapin Carpenter
(1988-1995), Steve Forbert (Geffen), Jonell Mosser
(MCA), Mike Henderson (RCA), and others.

Walter McDonough. Walter F. McDonough is the General
Counsel and one of the four founders of the Future of
Music Coalition , a recording artist representative
board member of SoundExchange , and an adjunct
professor of copyright law at Suffolk University Law

Jake Shapiro. Jake Shapiro is Executive Director of
The Radio Exchange. The Radio Exchange is a new,
web-based bridge between public radio producers and
stations that will showcase innovative work, emerging
talent, and an array of local and regional productions
in a peer-reviewed, interactive context

Jason DeGeorge. Jason DeGeorge is the President and
founder of , an Internet radio station
based in Boston, MA. Muziklab’s state of the art
studio combines new technologies with existing audio
hardware to allow any type of media to be streamed
realtime over the internet.

New Executive Director

Jake Shapiro is Executive Director of The Radio Exchange. The Radio Exchange is an online service for peer-review and digital distribution of public radio programming, creating a new web-based bridge between producers and stations. The goal of the Radio Exchange is to bring a new generation of innovative, creative content to public radio airwaves. The Radio Exchange is a collaboration between the Station Resource Group and Atlantic Public Media, and has received support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Ford Foundation.

Previously Shapiro was Associate Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, where he oversaw multiple projects related to intellectual property, distance learning, digital media, and Internet architecture, as well as holding responsibility for core strategic and administrative duties. He remains a Berkman Center Fellow.

Shapiro has a grounding in public radio, having worked as a producer with The Connection, a daily, nationally distributed public affairs program from WBUR. He subsequently helped launch the media production company Lydon McGrath Inc.

His earlier work includes research and web development for the Harvard Project on Cold War Studies and the Davis Center for Russian Studies. For two years he was program coordinator for the Moscow Institute where he oversaw a program for American and European college and graduate students in Moscow.

Jake is also an independent musician and composer and co-founded independent record label L-Shaped Records, LLC, the artist networking site, and the Boston rock band Two Ton Shoe. He graduated from Harvard College magna cum laude with a BA in History & Literature.

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