Slate comes to public radio

Two of our favorite podcasts, the Slate Political Gabfest and the Slate Culture Gabfest are being packaged into a radio-friendly version for WNYC, and now they will be broadcast on PRX Remix. We are very excited to have them on board! It’s a simple idea, get three smart people together talking about politics or pop culture and record the result. Stay tuned to PRX Remix for Gabfest Radio and I highly recommend you subscribe to the podcast.

Here’s the latest episode on PRX

Here are the full versions from the podcasts

Love + Radio: Jack and Ellen

This episode of Love + Radio is not for kids and is not going on the radio. It is challenging and deals with extremely uncomfortable material, but it is also riveting and masterfully constructed and sound designed, so I really want to share it. Prepare to think about it for a long time after, and again, not for sensitive listeners. You know who you are.

The Signature Series with Paolo Pietropaolo

Paolo Pietropaolo is one of my favorite producers in the world. He was one of the geniuses behind (the life-changing) The Wire: The Impact of Electricity on Music and he has this incredibly charming series from the CBC called The Signature Series, that asks the question, “If a musical key was a person, who would s/he be?” Have a listen, to the Swashbucking, Master of the Universe, E-flat Major:

Two radio geniuses talk about radio they love

This year’s Third Coast International Audio Festival Conference was book-ended by two talks from the greatest producers of radio working today: Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad.


Ira kicked off the festival with a late night talk about the new distribution methods and business models that are allowing audio makers to connect with audiences in exciting ways.


Jad gave the “Favorite Things” benediction, with examples from Radiolab and beyond to illustrate the “little s#@t” that makes audio storytelling so compelling.

Go listen!