The 13th Annual Zeitfunk Awards



We wear a lot of hats here at PRX, from distributing podcasts of all stripes, to running our Podcast Garage training facility in Boston, to managing our open audio marketplace at

Since our founding in 2003, our marketplace has grown to house over 100,000 audio pieces—uploaded from around the world—from short, artsy works to hour-long music specials. Creators post their work on our site, and public radio stations and digital networks shop there for new work for their local audiences. The goal is to give great audio a second home online, and ideally a third home on broadcast and digital, where it can reach even more ears.

To celebrate our marketplace, we host our annual Zeitfunk awards. Below you’ll find the list of producers, programs and stations who sold the most in the PRX marketplace in 2016. These numbers are calculated from individual licenses of audio pieces on PRX. (Subscription-only shows like This American Life and The Moth are not included in these results.)

Most Licensed Pieces
1. Best of the Best: The 2016 Third Coast Festival Broadcast
2. The Rose Ensemble: Christmas in Baroque Malta from The WFMT Radio Network
3. Ten From David: A David Bowie Appreciation from Paul Ingles
4. A Bow To Prince: An Appreciation of The Artist from Paul Ingles
5. The Pioneers of Punk – Please Kill Me: Voices from the Archives from Creative PR

Most Licensed Series
(This list does not include subscription-only series, like This American Life and The Moth)
1. Global Village with Chris Heim
2. Classical Guitar Alive!
3. The International Americana Music Show
4. Travelers In The Night
5. Blue Dimensions
6. The Bluegrass Review
7. Stuck in the Psychedelic Era
8. Strange Currency
9. The Stone Age
10. The Latin Alternative

Most Licensed Producers
These are individual creators on PRX who sold the most.
1. Tony Morris
2. Daniel Wargo
3. Michael Park
4. Al Grauer
5. Philip Nusbaum
6. Stephen R Webb
7. Vic Muenzer
8. Mat Kaplan
9. Chris Kuborn
10. Jamie Hoover

Most Licensed Groups
Teams of producers who sold the most.
1. With Good Reason
2. Deutsche Welle
3. Bluesnet Radio
4. BackStory with the American History Guys
5. Science Update
6. NPR Music
7. L.A. Theatre Works
8. The Steve Pomeranz Show
9. Great Lakes Today
10. Footlight Parade

Most Licensed Stations
Stations are huge creators of work, too. These are the ones that sold the most in 2016.
2. The WFMT Radio Network
7. South Carolina ETV Radio
9. Kansas Public Radio
10. Louisville Public Media

Most Licensed Debut Producers
Producers who were new to PRX in 2016 who sold the most.
1. Brooke Halpin
2. Matt Davenport
3. Ryan Sweikert
4. Reade Levinson

Most Licensed Debut Groups

Teams of producers who were new to PRX in 2016 who sold the most.
1. Great Lakes Today
2. The World According to Sound
3. On Being with Krista Tippett
4. Safe Space Radio
5. Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio
6. Outside Magazine

Most Licensed Producers by PRX Remix
PRX Remix is our XM Station, app, and broadcast show that purchases work directly from These are individual producers from which Remix purchased the most.
1. Nate DiMeo
2. Eric Molinsky
3. (tie) Erica Heilman and David Green

Most Licensed Groups by PRX Remix
PRX Remix is our Sirius XM station, app, and broadcast show that purchases work directly from These are teams of producers from which Remix purchased the most.
1. The World According to Sound
2. RadioArt
3. Criminal
4. (three-way tie) KCRW’s Independent Producer Project, HowSound, and Out of the Blocks

Stations That Licensed the Most
We like to honor the stations that license (download for air) the most from PRX as well.
6. KCMJ Community Radio
8. RadioFreePalmer
10. KKWE Niijii Radio

Most Licensed Piece Lengths
Producers, these are the lengths of pieces on PRX that sell the most. You can see that hour-long and 5-min. or shorter pieces are the most popular.
1. 55-60 min. (20,275 individual licenses on PRX in 2016)
2. 5 min. or less (6,883 licenses)
3. 50-55 min. (4,735 licenses)
4. 25-30 min. (2,746 licenses)
5. 5-10 min. (2,416 licenses)
6. 30-35 min. (982 licenses)
7. 10-15 min. (466 licenses)
8. 40-45 min. (356 licenses)
9. 60-65 min. (350 licenses)
10. 15-20 min. (213 licenses)
11. 35-40 min. (182 licenses)
12. 10-25 min. (176 licenses)
13. 45-50 min. (84 licenses)

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