2016 Press Picks: Best of Radiotopia

2016 was a banner year for Radiotopia. We performed our first live show, ran an hugely successful Podquest competition (look for Ear Hustle this summer!), added three new podcasts, and much more. We are so grateful to our fans for the love and support this year. To give 2016 a proper send-off, we gathered up the ‘Best of 2016’ podcast episode articles published this month, many included Radiotopia episodes. Check out our roundup below and take a listen, or load up our playlist. More audio goodness to come in 2017!

The Memory Palace

From The Atlantic– The Wheel 
and Below, from Above

From VultureGallery 742

From IndieWireFinishing Hold

From Outside MagazineArtist in Landscape

The Heart

From Vulture, Audible Feast, and The Atlantic– Mariya, Extended Cut 

From The Guardian and The AtlanticSilent Evidence (four parts)

From Audible FeastMy Everything, My Bear


From Wired– Money Tree 

From The Atlantic– One-Eyed Joe

From Audible FeastThe Editor

From IndieWireMelinda and Judy (two parts)

Theory of Everything

From The Atlantic– Honeypot
and Sudculture (two parts)

From Outside MagazineA Light Touch and a Slight Nudge

Love + Radio

From The Guardian, Thrillist, and Outside MagazineA Girl of Ivory 

From The Atlantic– The Man in the Road


From The Atlantic– Double Life
and You Can’t Go Home Again

From New StatesmanMen, Moms & Money


From The Atlantic– Totally Juvenile Election Special

From The Guardian– Summer Camp Spectacular

99% Invisible

From The GuardianMojave Phone Booth

From WiredMiss Manhattan

From Outside MagazineThe Green Book

From Audible FeastThe Giftschrank

From NPRAmerica’s Last Top Model

Song Exploder

From The GuardianMGMT’s Time to Pretend

From Audible FeastWeezer’s Summer Elaine and and Drunk Dori

The Allusionist

From New Statesman– Getting Toasty

and Please

Radio Diaries

From ThrillistMajd’s Diary

From Audible FeastFrom Flint to Rio


From ThrillistThe Truth

From IndieWireJo & Fayaz

The Truth

From IndieWireCommentary Track

From CBC RadioCo-wrong-ct!

Check out our playlist with (almost) all the episodes here.