RadioPublic Now Live!


Yesterday, RadioPublic released the first versions of its iOS and Android apps (available on Apple iTunes here and Google Play here). RadioPublic’s mission as a Public Benefit Corporation is to “help listeners discover, engage with, and reward the creators of podcasts and other audio.” This is also their strategy and roadmap. The team is starting with discovery, and will be layering in engagement next, followed by rewards — both for producers and listeners themselves. Discovery is at the heart of this first RadioPublic release, and is part of their vision for rethinking radio in the mobile world.

RadioPublic wants to give producers ways to enhance their presence in the RadioPublic app without having to invest in another custom publishing platform, or in one-off features that require real effort with dubious effect. The team has a variety of useful extensions in the works that drive discovery, engagement, and monetization, and a few that are ready for you to take advantage of right now, including gateway episodes, podcast playlists, show endorsements, and series play order. Read about how to get started here.

The app is focusing on curated playlists as one avenue for discovery. The curated episode playlists cover a myriad of topics, activities, moods, genres, artists, publishers, and networks. The team has assembled hundreds of their own, and has invited tastemakers everywhere to use their curatorial expertise and brand to help listeners get to the good stuff.

Each playlist is a feed you can follow, and acts both as a mixtape to listen through, and a collection of jump off points. The playlists live on the web as well, so they’re easy to share, link to, and soon to embed in publishers’ and podcasters’ sites.

Get a deep dive into all the app’s feature on RadioPublic’s blog, and download the app today in iTunes and Google Play.