Radiotopia Kicks Off its 2016 Fundraiser


Radiotopia kicked off its annual fundraiser yesterday to a flurry of fan excitement. As of this post, we are up to nearly 900 donors and counting.

Radiotopia is like your podcast mix tape: all your favorite shows in one place. Back in the day, homemade mixtapes helped convey feelings words could not. Songs were meticulously arranged in a particular order, and each track told a different story. Decorating the tape case was as important as curating the content. Every detail counted, and sharing a mixtape with someone meant the world.

Radiotopia embodies the mixtape tradition. Our shows explore life, society and culture through illuminating and unforgettable stories. We focus on craft, value process, and champion good design—from the sounds in every episode, to each show’s logo and custom artwork. And we’re big fans of sharing what we love with you.

Our ‘zag’ enamel pin

Head over to the Radiotopia website to check out the latest fundraiser and help the network hit its goals. We’ve designed a cool mix of gifts, sporting new branding and a fresh logo, including enamel pins, hoodie and t-shirt with fresh designs, and our first-ever Radiotopia challenge coin. Plus we’re offering a digital mixtape of our shows, hand-picked by producers.

An enormous thank you to our challenge sponsors. We had a terrific challenge to help us launch strong from Podster Magazine. If you have not heard about Podster Magazine yet, it’s a free bi-monthly magazine all about podcasts. Best of all it’s free. Head over to to subscribe.

We also have a new challenge from our friends at Freshbooks. FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software for freelancers, self-employed professionals, and small business owners. They’re on a mission to make billing painless and just launched a totally new product, redesigned from the ground up. They love Radiotopia so much that they are willing to kick in a huge $40K if we can get reach 5,000 new donors by the end of the campaign. Consider supporting us with a donation today!