Announcing Offshore: the Latest Podcast from PRX


Honolulu Civil Beat and PRX have are proud to announce Offshore, a new podcast that explores stories from our 50th state that give you a different view of America, away from the mainland.

Aside from natural disasters, Hawaii Five-O and dream vacation planning, most of the U.S. doesn’t often think of Hawaii and the great stories rooted there.

Hawaii has a complicated history. It was an island kingdom that became a US territory, and then a state. It’s filled with debates over sovereignty, nationhood, island and tribal identity, and being a true ‘outsider.’

The first Offshore episode is reported by Jessica Terrell of Civil Beat. It focuses on the racial and sovereignty dynamics surrounding two crimes separated by decades. One, the killing of a native Hawaiian man by a State Department security agent. The other, a crime on the eve of WWII: the alleged abduction and rape of a Navy officer’s wife by a group of native men, one of whom ended up being killed during the case.

beninhawaiiBoth stories are emblematic of the complex and charged relationships between the mainland US government, a largely white government, and native Hawaiians who have their own strong identity separate from being US citizens.

Ben Adair is the talented executive producer of the show and also pitched in on some of the recording.

Listen and subscribe to Offshore today! Stations interested in airing the episodes or excerpts, check out the first show here.

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2 thoughts on “Announcing Offshore: the Latest Podcast from PRX”

  1. Excellent and insightful show.
    My caucasian son-in-law lived in Honolulu and worked construction for a year and had a great experience. I am sure that his relaxed personality and willingness to step back to understand local customs was helpful.

  2. I really dig this podcast.
    The host, Jessica Terrell has a wonderful voice, with crystal clear direction of events. The story itself is engaging of all five senses and it leaves you impatiently waiting for the next episode. Hands down, great job!

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