Welcome Sean Nesbitt

I’m Sean Nesbitt, Station Relations Director for PRX.

I guess you can say I took the path less traveled to arrive in public media. I grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey, a small urban community in central New Jersey. It’s a short Amtrak ride away from Newark. Or a longer Amtrak/Path ride to Manhattan.


My journey started at Norfolk State University, a historically black university. It was a launching pad for my sense of adventure. I learned about business and government affairs at Georgetown; studied the German language intensively at The University of Virginia; and studied in South Africa for three-and-a-half months. Did I say adventure?  

After graduation, I worked at Grand-Am Road Racing, the sports car division of NASCAR. Media/Public Relations was at the core of what I did. It was a really cool experience! But I wanted a change of pace—some pun intended—and leapt at a marketing opportunity at PRI. Public media really captured my imagination.

I advocated for big names in public media: BBC, CBC, PRI’s The World ®, This American Life, etc. Exposure to this level of talent sparked my interest in growth. So I enrolled in an innovative MBA program at Western Governors University. A rotation of challenging projects for work and school was my life for 20 months.  

Now, three months after graduation, I’m thrilled to help chart the future of public media at PRX. I believe in our ability to make positive change happen—for everyone.

More about me: I’m a very active volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters. (Ask me about it!) Plus, I love wheeling my Dahon C6 folding bike around the Mississippi River.

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