What’s in My Buds? With Christina from Spotify

In this month’s edition of “What’s in My Buds?” we chat with Christina Choi from Spotify. Christina is a partnership manager on Spotify’s content team, and focuses on podcasts and videos. (Spotify recently added podcasts to the music mix and made them available to both free and premium mobile users on iOS & Android in the US, UK, Sweden, and Germany).

Christina is a musician at heart and always had her eye on a music-related job before joining Spotify. She’s particularly excited to share podcasts with Spotify users. Read on to learn about the ones that have her hooked.

What is your go-to podcast and why?

This is hard! I have a couple of go-to podcasts that I listen to regularly, but if I had to choose one, it has to be Political Gabfest. I can listen to Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz dissect issues for hours. I’m so glad they’re around IMG_1147during this nutty election cycle.

What show do you wake up to?

I still use an old radio alarm clock and the dial’s always set to WNYC. I love waking up to Soterios Johnson and the NPR Morning Edition crew.

What is your favorite listening environment?

My morning commute on the subway or my bike. I download the latest episodes on my Spotify (shameless plug) and I listen on the go. I have a pretty expressive face, so depending on the podcast, I’m either laughing hysterically or crying. It’s quite a show for my fellow passengers and bike commuters.

What show do you rave to your friends about?

Using Spotify to listen to podcasts

I’m a huge fan of The Moth and always recommend it to podcast newbies. Dinner Party Download is also fantastic. It’s such an amazing concoction of all aspects of culture. They have great guests and feature awesome music and movies. I also just discovered How Did This Get Made and I’ve been talking about it non-stop. It’s so funny. If you’re a Nicholas Cage fan (who isn’t??), I highly recommend the Face-Off and Con-Air episodes. 

If you were to start your own podcast what would the subject be?

I’d love to host a podcast about K-pop. I’ve been listening to Korean music since I was young, and it’s been amazing to see how it’s evolved into this global phenomenon.

I’d love to give a meaty, in-depth analysis on all things K-pop.

How do you envision the future of the podcasting landscape?

I think the podcasting industry is at an interesting phase. There are a lot of streaming services like Spotify and Google Play jumping on the podcatching bandwagon, so I’m curious to see how competition changes the landscape. I hope it helps grow the overall podcast listener-base as opposed to cannibalizing from other services.