Welcome Paloma!

Hello! I’m Paloma the new Distribution Manager and Customer Support Specialist at PRX. I blame my love of radio and storytelling on my mom and dad who still don’t understand what it is I do in the wonderful world of public radio. “Are you on air,” they ask, “No.” “Then what do you do?”

Paloma and her partner in crime

I attended Columbia College in Chicago, where I earned my degree in Radio Talent/ Production. While a student at Columbia, I started interning at 98.7 WFMT and was promptly offered a full time job as a production assistant upon graduation. I spent quite a number of years at WFMT and wore many hats: board operator, production, producer, engineer, IT, operations, etc…

This led me to working with two of the people that not only mentored me but gave me advice and supported me when I needed it most, the late Studs Terkel and Andrew Patner.

In 2014 The WFMT Radio Network started offering their content via SubAuto. This resulted in my promotion to Production and Syndication Manager at the Network and thus my relationship with PRX began. By coincidence, I actually started working at PRX two years to the date that I starting working with them for the WFMT Radio Network switchover.

I’m super excited to be part of the team and can’t wait to see what adventures await me!

More about me: I hail from Chicago. In my spare time I like traveling, concerts, reading, zombies, creating sound art pieces, listening to podcasts with my mom on Sunday mornings (although, now remotely) and special effects makeup.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Paloma!”

  1. Hi Paloma,
    I am a faithful PRX listener and have been for a long time. I read that you provide ‘Customer Support’ and I am in need of some help/advice.
    As a personal historian, I love what PRX does to save people’s memories and stories. I even love it when you re-broadcast these stories. Listening for a second or third time can also be inspiring and entertaining. I know I’m weird.
    I was listening to the KINDNESS stories PRX aired recently and I had an idea.
    Last summer I published a book entitled “Raising My Family Around the World ~ The Adventures of a CIA Wife and Mom in Stories, Snapshots and Letters”. Yes, I truly am a CIA wife and mom of two daughters. My husband was with the Agency for over 30 years and I wrote the book for my daughters and my three young grandchildren so that they would have a written record of our eighteen residential moves in twenty-one years (twelve moves were international). I wrote this book with the help of book project manager, editor, three proof readers and a book designer. The book turned out pretty good if I don’t say so myself.
    Here’s my idea: I would not have been able to write this book if my dear grandmother had not saved the letters that I wrote to her over a period of thirty-nine years. The letters that I possess number 523 (her letters and mine) and they helped me to reconstruct my life as a young woman followed by our six overseas postings. My stories of living in West Africa, Europe, the Middle East and southeast Asia are strange and wonderful and at my current age of 64 makes me sometimes wonder how I did all that I did. My daughters, Annie and Susie were so excited when after two years, I finished the book and self-published it.
    While listening to the KINDNESS stories it hit me that IF my grandmother had not been kind and thoughtful to keep my letters for me, my book would not have happened. That’s a lot of kindness and the result has been amazing. I have shared my book with my family and friends and their reaction has been very affirming letting me know that I did the right thing by writing my story.
    Do you think that there is a KINDNESS story here for PRX’s use? I would like to share this story and my story with others.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
    Oh, one other thing, if you’d like to read a little more about my book and see its cover you can easily do that by going to steubenpress.com. Click on their blog and go to page two. You’ll see my book reviewed there.
    Thanks for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes,
    Lin Joyce
    Herndon, VA
    703 406-4072 (home)
    703 795-5826 (cell)

  2. Hi Lin — Genevieve here. I work in content at PRX. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Everything that ends up on PRX Remix, our station on XM, comes from PRX.org, which is open to all. You are welcome to post any radio story to PRX.org for free. If you are learning to produce audio stories, I would suggest checking out the website transom.org.

    I hope that helps!

  3. Paloma:

    Thanks for your presentation at Podcast Garage last night. It gave me important information as I develop my podcast, “That Championship Season”, as sports history narrative documentary. Duration in particular.

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