What’s in My Buds? Featuring Craig Newmark from craigslist

Craig Newmark is the founder of craigslist. He is a self-described nerd, web pioneer, speaker, philanthropist, and advocate of technology for the public good. Craig has had an illustrious career, but it’s not widely known that he’s also a longtime podcast enthusiast, and a Radiotopia lover. When we dropped him an email, Craig told us, “I love the written word, and hearing it performed across areas that fascinate me. That includes storytelling, history, and comedy. With podcasts, I get to enjoy whenever I like.”

Photo credit: Bleacher+Everard

We talked to Craig about some of his favorites.

What is your go-to podcast and why?
That’d be a combination of WTF with Marc Maron, Judge John Hodgman, and Welcome to Nightvale. That included The Thrilling Adventure Hour [now sunsetted]; I miss it a lot.

All very smart, funny, and articulate.

What show do you fall asleep to?
Most often it’s WTF; it depends on what’s newly available, and my mood.

What show do you wake up to?
I might complete what I had been listening to while sleeping, but then I go to either NPR One, or the local streams from KQED, WNYC, or WAMU, depending on where I am.

What is your favorite listening environment?
In bed, or walking to work.

What show do you rave to your friends about?
WTF, Welcome to Nightvale, The History of English, The History of Rome, The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Those are what come up in conversation.

How would you describe a podcast to a six-year-old?
It’s people talking, like radio, whenever you feel like listening. (Not sure if six-year-olds know what radio is).

Who is your favorite podcast personality?
A combination of Cecil Baldwin, Marc Maron, John Hodgman, Mike Duncan.

Some of Craig’s favorites

If you were to start your own podcast what would the subject be?
Maybe what being a 1950’s, old-school nerd is about, but that subject is limited.

What is a podcast that doesn’t currently exist that you think should?
I need something that I enjoyed as much as The Thrilling Adventure Hour or The Bugle.

If you’re not listening to a podcast, what do you put on to listen to?
Mostly NPR One, or the local streams from KQED, WNYC, or WAMU, depending on where I am.