David Sedaris On Michael Ian Black’s How to be Amazing


How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black is a weekly, interview-style show where Michael sits down with some of today’s most provocative writers, entertainers, artists, innovative thinkers and politicians for humorous, thought-provoking conversations that dive into the creative process, and the intricate minds of some of the most influential voices of our time.

Today, the show releases the first episode of a two-part series with David Sedaris, a humorist, comedian, author, and radio contributor. In the episodes, Michael chats with David about his amazing life and career, and how growing up ‘Sedaris’ helped shape him. The first episode is particularly revealing, as David discusses how he crafts his stories and how his career as a writer and performer turned out to be so successful. He reveals how he developed his writing style, and how attending school with visual artists in Chicago helped hone his speaking style. He also describes attending author readings in college, which taught him what not to do when he was at the podium. David later goes on to painstakingly discuss the ways his audience can break his heart, and how he copes. He even reveals how much money he makes a year (seriously).

In part 2, launching December 30th, David talks at length about his father. He describes how hard his dad was on him growing up, and how that has actually made him grateful. It is incredibly poignant and unguarded.

Check out the first episode here.