How to Get Your Stories on the Public Media Platform


The Public Media Platform (PMP) is an easy way to get your stories heard on station websites around the country and is the only place for independent producers to get their work into the PMP.

The PMP is a database; a place where lots of information about public media content can live. The part of the PMP that makes it so exciting and useful is its API, or application programming interface. APIs are how software, websites, and apps talk to each other. When you use the Uber app on your phone, it knows how to talk to Google’s API which is how it can show you the map. And when your ride is over, it uses a credit card processing API to move money around.

This is a really powerful concept, because it means Uber didn’t need to build its own maps or credit card processor. The PMP offers that same kind of functionality. For example, a station like WGBH which gets content from many different sources like NPR and PRX no longer needs to deal with separate APIs. Now, WGBH only needs to work with one, the PMP’s API. This means all of this great content is available much more easily.

One of the ways the PMP is used, is that a station can automatically surface a show (ex. The Moth) and have that content pushed directly to their site or app instead of having to manually add it.

You might be asking, “Why is this a good thing for me? Why should I put my work in the PMP?” The bottom line is that the PMP will help make your work even more widely available.

For example, station websites using content management systems provided by PBS and NPR are using the PMP to bring in stories to feature and display. The PMP will also be a source of content for the NPR One apps, and potentially other apps and services both in and out of public media. There are also plugins being created to publish PMP stories into any site that uses a popular content management system (e.g. WordPress and Drupal).

If you’re interested in getting your work into the PMP, you are automatically approved if you have had two or more stories licensed on PRX over time.

If you’re not automatically approved, we would be happy to add you. Write to PRX Help to be approved.

Once you’re approved, you just need to head to My PRX and opt-in to the PMP under your Outside Purchaser Preferences.

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For more information about the PMP, visit them online or follow them on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “How to Get Your Stories on the Public Media Platform”

  1. I am a photojournalist and specializing in automobiles and the automotive editor for a watch magazines where I write stories from cars to hot air balloons to ice boat racing etcetc in every issue.
    Back in 1973 (late June) I had a rather unusual car accident where i plunged 30 feet down A CLIFF AND WALKED AWAY. I have written about it and told the story a million times over and thought it might be a wonderful story to tell on the Moth radio hour show. If there is a way for me to tell it to you as a recorded story fine or ??? So I am interested in telling my story period. Can I get some help here with this please? Thank you. -Denis

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