PRX and Radiotopia Stories Come to Spotify

spotify_logo_rgb_greenGreat stories thoughtfully curated for a potential audience of 60 million. It makes perfect sense, right? Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, is expanding to include podcasts, and PRX is proud to be a launch partner.

We were in the audience at last week’s announcement event when Spotify’s VP of User Experience and Design pointed to a big screen with the 99% Invisible logo and exclaimed, “I love that show!”

Ridiculously early the next morning, PRX CEO Jake Shapiro appeared on Bloomberg TV to talk about the power of podcasting in clear business terms: “It is a revenue producer.”

This partnership is part of a PRX strategy that we’ve been pursuing since the early days of digital audio distribution. Aggregation services like iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and, of course, Spotify are used by millions of people. By building distribution relationships with these services, PRX is bringing public radio to new audiences, and reaching existing audiences on the platforms they use regularly.

Spotify’s new version rolls out over the next several weeks. Once you get it, head straight to the Storytellers section to see all of Radiotopia and The Moth. You can listen to other PRX shows – Reveal, Transistor, and How To Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black (launching tomorrow!) on the app, too. And more to come!