A Huge Thank You To Our Fans And Backers

We are blown away by what you, our fans, have done.

The Radiotopia Kickstarter campaign brought in $620,412 from 21,808 backers. You made us the most funded and most backed project in Kickstarter’s Radio/Podcasting subcategory as well as the entire Publishing category.

You showered us with money, you showered us with love. We’ve been pushing the dream of a new kind of public radio uphill through uncharted, bumpy terrain. You smoothed that path a LOT.

What the path looks like now:

The party’s over. The party’s just begun.

A huge thank you to our tireless ringleaders Kerri Hoffman and Roman Mars, to PRX CEO Jake Shapiro, to the immensely supportive Kickstarter team, to the Knight Foundation, to MailChimp, and to the entire Radiotopia crew:

Benjamen Walker
Sam Greenspan
Avery Trufelman
Katie Mingle
Nick van der Kolk
Brendan Baker
Lea Thau
Kaitlin Prest
Helen Zaltzman
Eric Mennel
Phoebe Judge
Lauren Spohrer
Jonathan Mitchell
Kerry Kastin
Joe Richman
Sarah Kramer
Nellie Gillies
Neil Katcher
Dave Nadelberg
Andrew Norton
Robert DeBenedictis
Audrey Mardavich
Rekha Murthy
Genevieve Sponsler