Enjoy this guest blog post from Adrianne Mathiowetz, who worked at PRX from 2005-2008 and now works at This American Life.

Eating ice cream at PRX cookout 2006

110 months ago I graduated from college and started my first job as an editorial associate at PRX. 80 months ago I went part-time so that I could also work part-time, and remotely, as the web manager for This American Life. 74 months ago I left PRX to spend the free part of my workdays “focusing on my writing.” I’ve been asked to say something on the blog about what I’ve been up to since.

71 months ago I threw my lit magazine rejection letters into the trash as I moved out the apartment I’d shared with my now-suddenly-ex-boyfriend, 53 months ago I stuffed everything I owned into my now-suddenly-new-boyfriend’s car to drive to Portland, Maine, and 50 months ago I graduated from the documentary photography program at Salt. 49 months ago I moved in with my sister in to Minneapolis to start a side photography business, 42 months ago I helped the Mpls Photo Center organize a benefit auction so I could spend the following spring taking classes on studio lighting and portraiture, and 38 months ago I went to Kansas City to kill an animal with my bare hands only to throw it away after it spoiled in the fridge. I still think about it when I’m driving anywhere on a hot summer day, and there are a few passengers in the car but no one is talking.

Self portrait in Du Bois, Pa.

38 months ago I got an IUD and wrote about it, 34 months ago I looked at houses with a realtor in Detroit and proposed to my boyfriend offering him health insurance (he declined), 27 months ago I went to St. Louis to take photos for a Love & Radio episode about a man who turned his home into a holocaust museum, 26 months ago I did something emotionally ill-advised on a rooftop in a strange costume, and 23 months ago I stuffed my grandma’s ’95 Taurus with books and clothes and my terrified cat and I drove from Minnesota to New York. 18 months ago I started freelance shooting events for WQXR and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, 13 months ago I drove the car back home listening to a lot of Joni Mitchell, 11 months ago my boyfriend proposed to me with a swiss army knife (I declined), and 9 months ago I told a story about a personal Craigslist adventure in front of a large crowd of public radio peers at RadioVision. 7 months ago spoke with Andrea Silenzi in a Greenpoint bar for “Why Oh Why” about that IUD (still think it’s the greatest, ladies), 6 months ago I went to Washington, DC to shoot another Love & Radio story, and 2 months ago I moved for the 4th time within Brooklyn into a Bushwick apartment with three college friends. 2 weeks ago I finally sent my parents most of the money I’d borrowed.

Right now it is 0 months ago. Right now it is right now: I’m in the This American Life office, making sure our digital ducks are in a row for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I go to Portland for a week long multimedia intensive at Salt. Tomorrow I get on a train, and that is always exciting.

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