Get Your Car Talk Fix on Amazon
and Google Play

Some of you know that PRX is an iTunes label, aka content provider. That means that we can send public radio pieces to the iTunes Store for purchase and download. Car Talk logo We do this for a bunch of independent producers and leading shows, including The Moth, This American Life, and Car Talk.

PRX is proud to announce the arrival of Car Talk to Amazon and Google Play. You can find their albums, past episodes, and 50 of their favorite Car Talk Classics, just like you’ve been able to on iTunes. Car Talk’s Amazon and Google Play presence is thanks to PRX’s collaboration with DashGo, a direct distributor to these stores.

iTunes continues to dominate in music and audio sales. But for the revenue to add up, it’s wise to be in more places. We regularly track this shifting landscape, and Amazon and Google Play emerge as clear choices. Amazon has a significant share of the digital music market; based on our own limited sample, spoken word sales on Amazon are roughly 10% of iTunes. Google Play is nearly caught up with Amazon. Importantly, both are well integrated into the Android mobile experience, in ways similar to how iPhone owners use iTunes.

Digital sales distribution is another way that PRX forges new channels of revenue and reach for public radio makers. We think it’s a pretty great thing for listeners, too.

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