PRX: Real Choices

This week’s picks for stations: Reveal, American Graduate, and future specials.

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October 8, 2013

PRX: Real Choices

Hi friend of PRX,

How is this still going on? Okay, maybe fresh PRX listening will help. State of the Re:Union looks at communities struggling to find solutions. Can we give peace a real chance? How about a POV away from the coasts? And an end to bullying.

Listen, first…

Impact from Reveal

Congressional hearing

A House subcommitee will hold a hearing this week based on the main investigation in Reveal.

The Center for Investigative Reporting is offering all sorts of ways for listeners to follow this developing story.

American Graduate

New specials Available

  • From WAMU, Yesterday’s Dropouts: Meet adult students who are back in school, and hear why some think the GED could use some changes.
  • From WUNC, Crossing The Stage: During this hour host Dick Gordon takes a look at people who almost dropped out and how they finally made it across that stage.

Find more in our American Graduate playlist

I Can Hear Your Future

What you will air next from PRX!

  • Journalist Robert MacNeil was in the Kennedy motorcade on Nov. 22, 1963. Join him as he hosts We Knew JFK: Unheard Stories from the Kennedy Archives, on PRX Oct. 18. Get promos.

Other Good Stuff

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Timely Picks

Hispanic Heritage Month


Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Oct.)

Exclusive Series

The Moth Radio Hour

True stories told weekly.

State of the Re:Union

The fall 2013 shows are rolling out.

Sound Opinions

This week: Former street artist turned folk-soul balladeer Willis Earl Beal.

Snap Judgment

Fate, fights, gratitude, Snap.

American Routes

The iconic program on the music of America.

Here’s The Thing

Alec Baldwin interviews like no one else.

WTF with Marc Maron

The popular comedy podcast goes radio, again.

LA Theatre Works

Contemporary radio drama.

PRX Remix

Are you listening yet?

PRX Podcasts

99% Invisible: A show about design with Roman Mars.
HowSound: What’s behind great radio?
Blank on Blank’s latest: Janis Joplin on Rejection.

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