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PRX Remix Assistant Producer

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The PRX Remix Assistant Producer will seek, find, screen, and recommend great story-driven audio for use on PRX Remix. If you are a critical and even somewhat obsessive listener to public radio, podcasts, intriguing sound of various kinds, and can pick out the most compelling audio from the mediocre and mundane, your curatorial ears might be just the right fit for PRX Remix.

Working under the direction of PRX Remix Program Director Roman Mars, and coordinating with PRX editorial staff, you will also get your hands dirty writing, producing, recording, editing, voicing and interviewing to create short-form interstitial content for use on PRX Remix. You will be in frequent touch with producers and podcasters about using their work, and communicate closely with the PRX team.

Strong candidates should have:

  • Great ears and great taste – you’re open-minded but discerning, and in sync with the PRX Remix sensibility.
  • Great chops – you can quickly edit audio using your favorite tools of choice like ProTools, Hindenburg, and know your way around and tools like Dropbox, SoundCloud.
  • Great writing – you can whip up short copy for promos and pieces, fire off well-composed emails to producers, collaborators, partners, and occasionally contribute to the PRX blog and social media presence.
  • Great personality – collaborative, enthusiastic, adventurous, with the maturity to work with minimal direct supervision and communicate across a busy team.
  • Great balls of fire!

We strongly prefer that the producer work out of our Cambridge, Mass. office. However, if you are interested and do not live here, you may still apply. This is a part-time opportunity with some flexibility in scheduling. Exact hours and days per week will be dependent on the chosen applicant.

To apply, upload your cover letter and resume here. Application deadline is 11:59 PM ET on Friday, August 16.

Please email jobs [at] prx [dot] org with any questions.

About PRX Remix

PRX Remix is for people who love to listen to great stories. We handpick the best short works from shows like The Moth, 99% Invisible, and Snap Judgment, from independent radio makers on, and from podcasters everywhere. Then we mix it up in a never-ending stream. PRX Remix can be heard on XM 123, mobile apps, and stations around the country. Learn more.

6 thoughts on “Seeking PRX Remix Assistant Producer”

  1. I am wondering if this is a paid or unpaid position and if this position is offered to anyone who has access to internet to work at home.

  2. Hi P — It is a paid position. The producer would preferably work from PRX’s offices in Cambridge, Mass.

  3. I know someone who might be perfect for this, but I’m not sure if he’s available enough to work PT (vs. dropping everything for a FT gig) He’s in DC but has the gear and chops to work remotely no problem. I’ll let him know.

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