PRX, iMA, SXSW, and Other Acronyms

photoIf you’re looking for what’s up and coming, look no farther than Austin, Texas. This week, PRX joined many enthusiastic public media entities at SXSW for the Integrated Media Association Conference (iMA 2013). Each year, SXSW brings together those at the forefront of tech, music, and film for two weeks’ worth of showcases, demos, performances, and screenings. The iMA conference aims to do the same for public media.

Over two days, iMA conference sessions raised questions and sparked discussion about public media’s foray into the future. Multiple screens, social TV, aggregated audio, big data—enough to make your head swim! The future is coming, and not only does the world of public media intend keep up–it plans to get ahead.

PRX had a significant voice in this week’s conversations:

  • Business and Operations Director Kerri Hoffman helped demystify the Public Media Platform, a collaborative 4-year initiative that aims to revolutionize and improve the way public media is distributed.
  • Director of Development Andrew Kuklewicz dropped some knowledge about open source solutions that developers can use to build on a budget. In another session, Andrew also helped lead the discussion on various risks and benefits of hosting organization data in the cloud. At SXSWi, Andrew will also be co-presenting a workshop with PopUp Archive on organizing and storing digital content for future access.
  • Director of Projects and Partnerships Rekha Murthy moderated a panel about public media aggregators (like our very own Public Radio Player) and the implications for controlling content and reaching new audiences in this new space.

PRX’s mission is to find meaningful ways to make public media even more public. Being a part of these conversations is essential to that process.

“With the right mix of tech, content, and distribution, you can do anything,” suggests David Shing, iMA conference keynote and digital prophet at AOL. By harnessing the best of our tech to bring quality, relevant audio stories to audiences on the internet and beyond, PRX aspires to be the right mix of all of the above.

Take a look at a summary of how iMA went down in the Twitter-sphere via our Storify. Want a more comprehensive look? Try searching for #iMA2013 on Twitter. You can also find audio recordings of all the sessions on iMA’s SoundCloud.

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