I Am Woman. Hear Me Roar!

This is a blogpost series by our intern Lily Bui. She writes about radio, technology, and more. Tweets @dangerbui.

As the saying goes, “well-behaved women rarely make history.” Suppose Amelia Earhart stayed grounded, Rosa Parks yielded her seat, and Eleanor Roosevelt resigned herself to household duties. Imagine how less colorful history would be without these women and their gung-ho gumption.

March is Women’s History Month, and to celebrate, PRX brings light to stories about, by, and for women. (Don’t worry, fellas–you’re invited too.) We curated three different playlists especially for you. Discover the hidden world of girls in our hour specials playlist. Peruse and ponder some poetry in our shorter segments playlist. Or if you’re in a musical mood, there’s even a playlist for that.

The feminine mystique lends itself to a world of versatility. From rockettes to rocket scientists, suffragettes to female presidents, caged birds singing to women pilots, winging—the female gender is one that engenders high esteem. With women taking over ‘traditionally male’ bastions in politics, music, showbiz, technology, business, and more, it’s less about breaking the mold and becomes more of a question about which new niches women will carve for themselves in today’s landscape.

This month, PRX celebrates outstanding female figures who have created a positive impact on the world around them. Remember–double X (chromosomes) mark the spot.

What about women in radio? We’re glad you asked. Julie Shapiro from the Third Coast International Audio Festival provides a helpful sidebar about women-hosted podcasts.

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