Welcoming Lily

Salutations! My name is Lily. Pleased to meet you! (Firm but gentle handshake.)

Though a California native, I come to PRX by way of WBEZ Chicago and WGBH Boston. My love affair with public media is still relatively new, but I don’t foresee it dwindling anytime soon (or at all).

I believe that public media caters to the curious and galvanizes a culture of lifelong learning. Radio, as a medium, has the inexplicable ability to stimulate us sonically as well as intellectually. It incites our imagination, and it teaches us to listen.

I was drawn to PRX for its mission to bring public radio to marry technical savvy with quality creative content. In a technological landscape that is constantly shifting and evolving, public radio has managed to come out ahead in terms of keeping up with the times—be it online presence, social media, smartphone apps, or Kickstarter campaigns.

I’m eager to learn more about the ever-changing world of public radio and support PRX in bringing it to the ears of as many people as possible!

“Radio happens in sound, but sound is not what matters about radio. What does matter is the bisected heart of the infinite dreamland […] the radio signal as intimate but untouchable, sensually charged but technically remote, reaching deep inside but from way out there, seductive in its invitation but possibly lethal in its effects.” –Gregory Whitehead, Wireless Imagination

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