The Internet in Sepia and Other Short Docs

Helena De Groot lives in Brussels and makes great radio like The Internet in Sepia, a composition which Helena submitted to this year’s Third Coast Festival Short Docs competition. In the piece, Helena meditates on distance in two dimensions: space, and time. Her narrative clips are supported by music composed by friends’ of hers, which you can find here.

The Third Coast Festival curates audio storytelling, and hosts an annual audio conference and competition. Every year they give a “short docs” challenge, inviting producers of all kinds to explore sound within a few paremeters. Here was this year’s prompt:

Produce a short audio story (2 -3 minutes) that features at least two of your neighbors, includes a color in the title, and contains three consecutive seconds of narrative silence. Stories of all styles are welcome – from documentary to drama – and everything in between.

Remix has a number of Third Coast’s Short Doc sumbissions in our mix. Have a listen: