Southern Stories Spinning on Remix

Storytelling… it’s like the new rock n’ roll. Following on the success of The Moth (whose podcasts are also on Public Radio Remix), storytelling events are popping up all over the country — and they’re getting more and more local. In Boston, where PRX is located, MassMouth features local storytellers at venues around the city, and gives workshops for newbies. London has a new storytelling series called The Spark, also on PRX.

The one I’m excited about this week is Tales from the South. Tales from the South is a live storytelling event featuring authors and storytellers exclusively from Southern states — Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama to be specific. There’s something special about hearing Southern accents on public radio, maybe because so many popular public radio personalities are trained to use the most neutral-sounding intonation they can. Don’t be put off by the lengthy introductions (I usually just fast-forward), these southern stories are really delightful. In this one, Judith Waller Carol sees her austere father dance for the first time. And in another, a writer finds herself (along with all the neighborhood children) searching for her neighbor’s finger in his backyard, while he waits for it at the hospital.