Cuteness Wins (It Always Does)

Jeffrey Cohen is the capitol region reporter at WNPR, Connecticut’s public radio station in Hartford, CT. Evidently the poor guy has a hard time putting down his recording gear when he’s at home. “Most of the time,” he says, “it turns into the kind of stuff suited for a family nostalgia night.” However, when Jeffrey decided to interview his 5 and 3-year-old daughters about why the elder cut of the younger’s hair, he ended up with something meant for the masses. I’ve listened to this at least 5 times since I discovered it on PRX last week — I can’t get enough.

3 thoughts on “Cuteness Wins (It Always Does)”

  1. Thanks for the laughs! So many good lines in under 3 minutes. Only wish we could see a photo of the damage done.

  2. Why is this not being shared all over the internet? This is one of the cutest, most innocent and wholesome things I have ever heard.

    Parenthood is awesome.

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