Meet the GPRX Bullying Stories Project Producers

GPRX Bullying Stories Project Producers

Several weeks ago, we asked the Generation PRX network to send us pitches on stories about bullying – and did they answer the call!  We received a large pile of terrific submissions from youth radio groups around the country.  Our panel of youth and adult producers had the extremely difficult job of selecting just five finalists from the group.

And here they are!  Over on the GPRX blog, you can meet the producers and hear their pitches.  As thanks for their work (and with our thanks to the Motorola Mobility Empowerment Foundation), each group received a recording kit (including a Sony PCM-M10 recorder and an RE-50 mic, for the tech-curious among you) and Hindenburg Journalist audio editing software.

The team is already hard at work, collaborating with GPRX and producer Catie Talarski of WNPR to turn their pitches into stories that will become part of an hour-long special on bullying.

We’re delighted to work with all of these talented producers, and to share youth voices on bullying with the entire PRX network.  Want project updates?  Follow us here.