Picks for Suicide Prevention Month, 10 years since George Harrison’s death, and docs galore.

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September 13, 2011

PRX – O!

Hi friend of PRX,

The voice is unmistakable. Jackie-O: sweet, a bit catty, unguarded. The release of recordings held private for 47 years is both gossipy and historic.

Her counterpart, Lady Bird, is profiled in this documentary. Many women aspired to be more than first presidential spouse. And when it comes to history, few do better than The Memory Palace.

Looking back,

We’ve Got Issues

Docs & drop-ins galore

Congress is back. What issues should they tackle? Here are a few that could use a look, or a play, on your airwaves:

  • Award-winning producer Claire Schoen presents Rise, a three-part series on climate change already affecting coastal cities. How these citizens respond can provide a model for people everywhere. (59:00 each)
  • Prime Time Radio presents a special on the Affordable Care Act to clear up some of the confusion, misinformation and disinformation surrounding the bill. (59:55)

George Harrison

Listen and remember

George Harrison: An Appreciation
Paul Ingles | two hours at 59:00/53:00 or one standalone hour

To mark the release of the Martin Scorcese HBO special on Harrison (Oct. 5/6) or the 10th anniversary of his death (Nov. 29), this program features Harrison’s best-loved music and some hidden gems. Plus, thoughtful reflections from Harrison fans that help define his unique contribution to the Beatles and music in general.

Find many more Beatles docs here.

Suicide Prevention Month

Air these important stories

Rich Halten | 00:18:52
From a bridge famous for suicide jumps, the story of one lucky survivor and how a broken neck and collapsed lung made him a new man.

Four Seconds:
Suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge

Jake Warga | 00:13:38
Producer Jake Warga shares a portrait of a friend who committed suicide, and a personal struggle for meaning thereafter.

“…beautiful insight into such a personal account of suicide. Everyone should take the time to listen to this piece.”
-Reviewer on PRX

More moving and meaningful pieces from different producers


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Original Jackie image from the National Archives. Capitol image by Harris Walker Photography.

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