Introducing the WGBH App

WGBH iPhone appLatest in our growing collection of mobile apps is WGBH, News and Culture for iPhone. This app brings all of the Boston public media station’s offerings from across TV, radio, and web into one elegant experience.

  • Listen live to WGBH radio, their classical, Celtic, and jazz streams, plus WCAI from The Cape and Islands
  • Watch episodes from TV programs including Beat the Press, Basic Black, and High School Quiz Show
  • Get radio and TV programming schedules so you know when to tune in, or catch past episodes in the app itself
  • Read the latest local, national, and world news
  • View recipes from top chefs and other food-related articles
  • See a calendar of upcoming events
  • And much more.

Actually, let’s elaborate on the “more”. There’s Assignments, inviting you to tell WGBH’s newsroom what’s news in your town. With Benefits, WGBH members can browse and redeem local discounts using a virtual member card generated in the app (you have to use it to believe how nifty it is).

Of course, to use those amazing features you’ll have to tear yourself away from WGBH’s wonderful content, from radio mainstays like The Takeaway, The World, and Fresh Air to TV hits like Frontline, NOVA, and American Experience.

Get WGBH, News and Culture for your iPhone now.

The WGBH app is a customized version of the PRX station app codebase, which enables us to streamline development time and costs while giving stations apps that represent their unique identities. We’ve got more iPhone — and Android — station apps on the way. Maybe yours, too? Contact us to learn more.

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  1. My trust fund recently ran out and I can no longer apple products. Pleade release an android version soon.

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