Sound Opinions Reviews on Remix

We’re excited to offer new album reviews selected from the world’s only rock n’ roll talk show, Sound Opinions. Produced at WBEZ Chicago, Sound Opinions is hosted by Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, two of the finest and best-recognized pop music writers in the nation. Jim and Greg save you the time of that pesky listening process, by boiling down their reviews to three easy to use phrases: Buy It!, Burn It! or Trash It!

  • Buy it! …This record is worth your hard earned money.
  • Burn it! …There are a few good tracks here, but not worth the full price….try a downloading service, or (cough), another method.
  • Trash it! …Pretty self-explanatory!

Sound Opinions is produced by WBEZ Chicago and distributed nationally by PRX. In addition to the album reviews we’re running on Remix, the entire one-hour weekly program is chock full of pop culture and music industry news, artist and band interviews, and because on Sound Opinions, “everyone’s a critic,” listeners are invited to join in the debate. It’s your one-stop-shop for smart and engaging music criticism and conversation.  Learn more.

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