PubRadio: Not So Nerdy, After All

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

There’s no need to be surprised when you see pics of PRXers Matt MacDonald and Rekha Murthy (right) among the likes of Brooke Shields, Darrell Hammond and Dan Savage at the 2011 Webby Awards ceremony last night. That’s just the crowd we roll with these days. No biggie.

The Webby is for our This American Life mobile app, in the category Entertainment – Handheld Devices. Ira Glass accepted the award at the ceremony, after which, Rekha says, he was mobbed both by women with camera phones, and Entourage star Adrian Grenier — who tweeted the photo to his 140,407 followers.

Rekha notes:

Pandora DJ’ed the event, which basically meant a guy in a suit stood behind a table and occasionally hit a button.  It was just too weird that Christiane Amanpour was part of the same event as Antoine Dodson, though Dodson’s performance of Bed Intruder (with the Gregory Brothers) was the highlight of the night for me and Matt. And when the inventor of the cell phone came to the podium, Matt beat him to the punch: ‘Can you hear me now?’

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