PRX is About Sharing

In this week’s station newsletter, we’re excited to introduce more piece-sharing options, including embeddable audio players. Plus, we suggest the new NOVA Minutes science series and a fascinating investigation into elder neglect in Florida.

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May 10, 2011

PRX is About Sharing

Hi friend of PRX,

We’re not getting all mushy when we say we want to share.

PRX is really helping producers and stations reach more listeners: You can now permit your pieces to be shared on Facebook as a free stream. And with a paid PRX membership, you can permit others to embed the new PRX player on websites and blogs.

Curate, display, and play. Coolest of all, listens from the embeddable player are added to your piece stats in My PRX.

Group hug now…

NOVA Minutes

Get scienced

One of the best names in science coverage is now on PRX: NOVA Minutes give listeners quick (60-90 seconds) and smart insight into research, from leeches to space loneliness.

Get ’em all!

Shining a Light

Exposing elder neglect

Maybe you heard a version of this project on Morning Edition:

WLRN and The Miami Herald expose the horrible treatment of mentally ill older people living in state-assisted facilities. The two-part series Neglected to Death is powerful, shocking, and great investigative radio.

Use this series to prompt a discussion about what is happening in YOUR city or town.


Hear that?

We’re still talking about the great stories and poetry from the talented teens of Louder Than a Bomb out of Chicago.

Why should you air these?

  • You need to fill a broadcast gap with great fresh stuff.
  • You want quality…and these students had to go through a grueling selection process.
  • You want to hear what youth have to say in their own voices.

Curator and producer Breeze Richardson likes these:

Also, look for the documentary film coming soon!


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NOVA Minutes

Exposing Elder Neglect

Louder Than a Bomb


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