Rene Dongo Says Hello

credit: Jennifer Nedbalsky

Hello there, please allow me to introduce myself (via cyberspace? yes cyberspace!). My name is Rene Dongo, I’m a graduating senior from Emerson College and over the past few months I’ve been helping out with the Car Talk and This American Life projects here @ PRX. I’ve worked with Rekha, Genevieve, and Emily debugging apps, trolling the PRX website for evil spies, updating station data, and other cool sounding things.

I heard about PRX through Erin Mishkin of AIR, and she suggested it would be a good fit. While @ Emerson I dabbled in radio through the free format station WECB. Over the next 3 years, I hosted two talk shows that featured Boston based artists. The latest incarnation of the radio program was called “The Helmsplitter”. We recorded 12 episodes and dropped an EP. All of which are available for free @

Oddly enough, my major at Emerson is film production and I really enjoy creating short films. I believe it’s an effective communication tool for social issues and ideas that can be very persuasive. Lately my work has been focused on music videos and spoken word poetry. Below is the my last music video entitled “Catch Wreck – 1Tyme4urMynd”. Feel free to check out more of my video work at

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