PRX 3.12. New release, new goodies.

Since November 2008 when we rolled out the “new” PRX 3.0, our team of developers has been working hard to make the site faster, easier and more useful for everyone who uses it: that’s producers, stations and listeners, too. Last night we released PRX 3.12, which includes some exciting changes.

  • The My PRX page (like an accounts dashboard) has been reorganized to help you find what you are looking for. And not only is the activity graph easier to read, but the data being reported is more accurate — thanks to complicated technical changes our Tech Director Andrew Kuklewicz will be documenting on our techie blog, PRX Labs.
  • Group, station and PRX Network administrators can now add members in fewer steps from their Manage Members page.
  • Audio processing has been improved along with error reporting for unprocessed audio.
  • Illinois Public Media’s public radio station WILL will hitherto show up in search results as a station rather than the stop-search word for the future tense of the verb “to be.”
  • And lastly (and more seriously), we are pleased to introduce some new sharing options for Facebook and Twitter. You can now share playable 30-second previews of PRX pieces on Facebook, and include PRX short URLs in Twitter updates. Consider these features a preview of the more advanced sharing options we’ll be rolling out soon — which will allow paid PRX producers to make their full pieces playable on Facebook, and embeddable on blogs and websites. Interested in trying out the advanced sharing options as a beta tester? Give us a holler.

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