3.11 released

On Friday night we released version 3.11 of

The biggest user-facing enhancement to with this release is the addition of popup audio players to the pieces and playlists on the home page (and other pages) of our site.  This allows users to listen to audio right from the home page of the site and to keep the audio playing in the popup player while browsing other pages.  It is our first step in the creation of an embeddable widget audio player that we hope to make available to producers.  This would allow producers to embed their pieces on their own websites and promote them on social networks like Facebook.

There is also an exciting change behind the scenes.  In this release we’ve added support for single sign-on to from our extended family of apps.  For many users this won’t change anything.  But station members using the Networks app to share content or the Billboard app to manage programming and schedule data can now have a single username for all of the sites.

We hope you enjoy the enhancements!