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November 10, 2009

Today’s Letters: P-R-X!

Hi friend of PRX,

Sometimes you can learn something from silly. And 40 years of “Sesame Street” has been nothing if not silly and smart at the same time. Ask any of the people in Andrew Walsh’s delightful piece!

PRX, which naturally relies on three of the most fun letters, hopes to be around as long — and have as much impact — as our PBS pals. Bert, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster — you all get free PRX accounts!

Sweepin’ the clouds away,

Welcome to Splittsville | Merry Chrismukkah | New Radio Rookies Special
Plan Ahead | Other Good Stuff

Welcome to Splittsville 
Divorce’s impact on kids

Divorced Kid
Sasha Aslanian | 00:54:00
What’s the impact of a divorce? Award-winning producer Sasha Aslanian and thousands of other kids know. Aslanian explores the “divorce revolution” of the 1970s from the perspective of kids who lived through it, and experts who have had three decades to make sense of it.

“Divorced Kid” also examines how the experience of divorce has changed for kids since the ’70s, through kids’ classes and judicial reforms designed to improve the outcomes of divorce.

The program debuted on Minnesota Public Radio and received a torrent of positive listener calls and comments from those who wanted to contribute their own stories.

Merry Chrismukkah 
Program for the holidays now

A Mexican Baroque Christmas with the Rose Ensemble
Thomas Crann | 00:58:39
Over two centuries of festive Christmas dances and songs from the great cathedrals of Puebla and Mexico City. With rich instrumental and percussive accompaniment, solos and choruses burst forth in this program that’s a far cry from the same old Christmas show.

Cell Phone Santa
Scott Gurian | 00:04:22
One year, producer Scott Gurian’s father decided to send presents to needy children living in the Bronx, but he made the mistake of putting his cell number on the box.

More for the holidays

Growing Up, Getting By
Ten years of WNYC’s Radio Rookies

Growing Up, Getting By
Radio Rookies | 00:58:56
Hear stories about how teenagers find their way to adulthood in this new special hosted by WNYC reporter and Radio Rookies founder Marianne McCune. Many of the stories first aired years ago, so McCune calls the former Rookies or brings them to the studio to have them reflect on who they were then and who they are now.

For ten years, Radio Rookies reporting has taken listeners inside the most intimate moments of teens’ lives: a 16-year-old confronting her father about his addiction to drugs, a girl giggling with her big sister about an obsessive crush, a high school senior deciding whether to risk his life for revenge.

Plan Ahead 

Other Good Stuff 

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