PRX Celebrates Birthdays

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November 3, 2009

PRX Celebrates Birthdays

Hi friend of PRX,

Little-known fact: that fire-breathing Godzilla is a birthday boy today. Watch out Tokyo!

At PRX we keep track of stuff like this: Bonnie Raitt’s birthday is this weekend and House of Blues has a fun special. Veterans Day is next week; we have options. And we know you’ll be gobbling down some programs for Thanksgiving weekend.

Did Mothra send a card this year?

In Verse: Women of Troy | Gobble Gobble | New Music & News Picks
Plan Ahead | Other Good Stuff

In Verse: Women of Troy 
Poetry of poverty

“In Verse” is a part of MQ2, an initiative of AIR and CPB. Segments will air on Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen this Friday, Nov. 6. Join Susan B.A. Somers-Willett, Brenda Ann Kenneally and Lu Olkowski in an online discussion at beginning Nov. 6.

In Verse: Women of Troy
Lu Olkowski | Series of three pieces 00:03:59 – 00:04:59

We’ve heard a lot about those who have fallen into poverty in recent months, but what about those stuck in a cycle of generational poverty? Troy, N.Y. was once one of the richest cities in America. Now roughly 16% of children live in households headed by a single female and the median income for a family of three is under $17,000.

“In Verse” is a multimedia reporting project combining poetry, photography and sound. This installment, Women of Troy, features poet Susan B.A. Somers-Willett, photographer Brenda Ann Kenneally and producer Lu Olkowski as they document the lives of working mothers in Troy. A gripping slideshow combining poetry and photos is also available for stations that want to include the link on their site.

Gobble Gobble 
Get your Thanksgiving pieces now

American as Pumpkin Pie: A History of Thanksgiving
BackStory with the American History Guys | 00:53:53
The story of Pilgrims and Indians breaking bread together is one of our first history lessons. But if an actual Pilgrim attended your Thanksgiving dinner, chances are he’d be stunned, and not a little disgusted, by what transpired there.

Thanksgiving: Gratitude on “Tapestry”
CBC | 00:53:56
The words “thank you” sound simple enough. But there is always more to a ritual than one might think. Margaret Visser, author of “The Gift of Thanks: The Roots, Persistence and Paradoxical Meanings of a Social Ritual,” is a special guest on this episode of “Tapestry.”

More for Thanksgiving

Format-Specific Picks
New for November from our curators

“Weird Al” Yankovic: Everything You Know Is Wrong
Joyride Media | 00:58:58
“Fun times, strong script, and the hosting duo of Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant (‘Reno 911’) neatly unveil and realign the apparent wackiness surrounding the life and times of ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.” – Music Curator David Srebnik, Virtuoso Voices

Music stations: Full list of November picks

Mind the Gap: Why Good Schools are Failing Black Students
Nancy Solomon | 00:54:00 or 00:59:00
“Independent journalist Nancy Solomon does a great job with this hour-long feature about the achievement gap. Right off the bat, she’s in a New Jersey high school with a history teacher, and he’s cynically playing ‘guess the level’ of classes based on their racial makeup.” – News Curator Naomi Starobin, WSHU

News stations: Full list of November picks

Plan Ahead 

  • The Moth Radio Hour:
    Real stories. Real people. Live on stage. Only on PRX.

Other Good Stuff 

  • H1N1 is spreading:
    Do you have the facts about this crisis? Get them at

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