Current Article on Talent Quest Winners

Current has a new feature about the Public Radio Talent Quest winners. Here is a highlight:

“We’re not saying to any one of the three, ‘Here’s a bunch of money — go launch a program in the next six months,’” said Kathy Merritt, CPB’s director of program investments in radio. “We’re going to give all the people involved time to look at the concepts and make sure they’re matched to their personalities and what they want to do, then figure out how they will produce the programs.”

…The next batch of programs from the Talent Quest winners will be available for broadcast later this year or in early 2009, Merritt said. At the end of the year’s grant term, CPB will decide whether to back one or more as a full-scale nationally distributed series.

“The next phase is taking that inspiration and turning it into a viable program that isn’t just about solely fitting into a public radio schedule, but also taps into the online and participatory element that brought it about in the first place,” said Jake Shapiro, PRX executive director.

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