Hello from Larissa!

New intern reporting for duties!

It’s been a month since I discovered that PRX lives down the street from me, and after a couple meetings and some emails, I’ve landed in one of the coolest public radio projects around. Not that I’m basing this off of a lot of experience, but I discover something cool about PRX every time I come to work. This blog, even, is super informative. I’ve spent most of my radio time in the dungeon-like (but still lovable!) abode of WHRB, Harvard’s radio station. I interned for the radio show “Pacific Time” at KQED, which was an eye-opening and awesome experience. I got to go to Ozzfest to interview the first Asian band to perform there. (You can also find my own stories in the PacTime archives)

I got hooked on public radio during high school and thought that it would be SO FUN to be on the other side, working for radio. My favorite shows include This American Life (of course), KCRW’s Good Food, WGBH’s On Point w/ Tom Ashbrook, Wait Wait!, Science Friday w/ Ira Flatow, The World (and its GeoQuiz), Car Talk (here’s my favorite Car Talk segment ever– too bad there’s no audio) the list goes on… I love the really quirky stories, the personal ones that can’t quite be stuffed into a category. I’m coming to discover that PRX is a great place to find these off-the-beaten path stories. The aural medium is so accessible that everyone would fall in love with producing their own stories if they gave it a try. I did.

So, I’m really looking forward to the upcoming months with PRX. I’ll be helping out with BallotVox and other campaign coverage, looking out especially for fresh youth voices. And I’ll also be pitching in with general PRX business. It’s great; I get paid to be immersed in something that I really love (in addition to cleaning the bathrooms and refilling parking meters, of course). Just kidding!