Zeitfunk 2007

The Zeitfunk results are in! 2007 was a truly exciting year for PRX. More pieces were licensed by stations in 2007 than any previous year: over 8,000. PRX attracted 14,079 new members, and racked up over 1,000 new reviews.

Thousands of public radio fans helped us find three of the “hostiest” new talents through the Public Radio Talent Quest. And we re-launched the Generation PRX site so it’s more interactive and encourages social networking among the dozens of youth radio groups already participating.

Image by Kaibara87

Congratulate our 2007 Zeitfunk winners. Scroll down to view more results in each category.

And, don’t miss the most popular piece lengths, “Favoriting” facts, weird Google searches, state and country membership stats, or staff yearbook awards and haikus!

The Hostiest Public Radio Talent Quest Contestants
Al Letson, Glynn Washington, and Rebecca Watson

Most Licensed Producer
Paul Ingles
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Most Licensed Producer Group
Listener Directed Productions
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Most Licensed Station
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Most Licensed Piece
The Two Sides of Sgt. Pepper: An Honest Appraisal from Paul Ingles
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Most Licensed Series
Compact Discoveries from Fred Flaxman
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Station that Licensed the Most Pieces
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Most Previewed Piece
My Lobotomy from Sound Portraits
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Most Active Reviewer
James Reiss
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Most Reviewed Piece
The Latvala Files: Hangin’ Out in the Vault from Justin Grotelueschen
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Most Reviewed Youth-Produced Piece
Being Black from Radio Rookies
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Most Licensed Youth Piece
The Migration Project: A Youth Radio Special from KUOW and Generation PRX
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Most Popular Fundraising Piece
The Invisible Infrastructure of Radio from WNYC
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Top Debut Indie
William Zukof/Western Wind
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Most “Favorited” Piece
The Emergence of Joni Mitchell from PRI and Paul Ingles
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The first-place winners will receive trophies in the mail. We’ll have a virtual award ceremony with pictures coming soon!

Complete Zeitfunk 2007 Results

Some observations: As with last year, the top three or so in each category were very clear winners; after that, we had many tied places. Below you will see the top ten winners listed in most categories. Some categories only have two, three, or five places. We did this to accommodate the large gaps after clear winners, when there were more than four users or pieces tied for the same place.
We also added a few new categories this year: Most Favorited Pieces, Most Reviewed Youth-Produced Pieces, and Top Debut Indies. The Top Debut Indies are the producers and producer groups who joined PRX in 2007 and had the most pieces licensed.