Talent Quest winner Rebecca in Boston Globe

The Boston Globe profiles Rebecca Watson, one of the three winners of the PRX Public Radio Talent Quest.

Just making it this far “is quite an achievement,” says Jake Shapiro, the executive director of the Cambridge-based Public Radio Exchange, which ran the contest. “We had over 1,400 entries.”

Watson, Shapiro explains, was a long shot, particularly in the contest’s early rounds, which combined open voting with judging by public-radio professionals. “She was the one that made it all the way through most improbably,” Shapiro says. “She was a popular pick. She wasn’t one of the judges’ picks. What I think is part of [Watson’s] success is that she earned the judges’ respect.”

You can hear all three pilots from Rebecca, Al and Glynn on the Public Radio Talent Question website, and they are also available on PRX for anyone to listen, rate and review and for public radio stations to license for broadcast.

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