Hello, Hello!

My name is Carman, the one of the two new Public Radio Exchange interns this season.

During my very first day here, I was advised to stroll down the street to apply for a position with Car Talk, elsewhere in “our fair city.” Name puns aside, I’m happy to have my first public radio experience be at PRX. As an aspiring independent radio producer, I hope to help and absorb all I can. Much like the PRX site, everyone is full of curiosity and hidden talents.

Having spent eight months wandering and volunteering through Asia, meeting new friends that treated me like family, I love how good radio can teach me so much about our wide-world while holding me so close. I have fond memories of hearing short-wave broadcasts of the CBC or BBC at sunrise in dusty, remote villages. I appreciate Hearing Voices (plus blog) and Re:sound for the cross-border narratives they bring to my ears.

Other audio artists I enjoy include: Joe Frank, Benjamen Walker, Scott Carrier, Jake Wargo, Ben Adair, Mira Burt-Wintonick, Song and Memory (from Ann Heppermann, Rick Moody and Kara Oehler and c/o Weekend America)

I played a small part in the re-launch of Generation PRX, our youth-radio online community. Take a look and spread the word! Any radio newbies should check out the handy Guide to Peer Feedback that our own Johanna (Jones) Franzel created.

Explore, celebrate with a new podcasts or even sit down for some Buffalo Turkey Butt.

Feel free to e-mail me: carman at prx [dot] org

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