PRX in LA and Chicago

If you’ll be in Los Angeles for the PRDMC or in Chicago for the PRNDI, keep an eye out for PRX.

Jake Shapiro is in LA and he’ll be talking about the Fundraising Soundbank, a joint project of PRX, PRPD and DEI . It’s where stations and producers can post both ready-to-air, proven fundraising spots and model spots that other stations can adapt to their own air.

Plus, ask Jake about other projects being launched by PRX. Hint: the secret word is podcast.

Station collaboration manager John Barth will be in the Windy City with news directors. In the midst of their panels on all things newsy, John is available to talk about trends and successes on PRX, how news and information stations are using PRX and provide some details on the the new Showcase Show project. He might even buy the first round.

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John Barth

Chief Content Officer at PRX