OSI Funds Generation PRX for Two Additional Years

Contact: Jones Franzel, jones@prx.org, (617) 230-7311 http://generation.prx.org

July 20th, 2005

Cambridge, MA. Generation PRX, a program of the Public Radio Exchange that distributes and promotes youth-produced radio stories, today announced it has received a two-year grant from the Open Society Institute for $150,000.

With this support, Generation PRX will continue to strengthen and amplify the voices of young radio producers. Through the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), Generation PRX connects youth radio groups, provides an online space for training and support, and brings stations to PRX to listen and broadcast youth-produced audio.

“PRX is at the cutting edge of radio distribution and emerging Internet media and we are excited that youth radio is a vital component of those efforts from the outset,” said Erlin Ibreck, Director of Youth Initiatives at the Open Society Institute.

The grant will also support training and discussion materials for youth producers that will be available on the Generation PRX homepage, as well as the Generation PRX Youth Editorial Board, a rotating group of three young people responsible for writing reviews of audio pieces produced by youth.

“Getting youth involved in radio is a great idea. I think it’s important because it empowers us as youth and makes us feel like our voices are being heard,” said Generation PRX Youth Editorial Board member Andre Rosario of WAMU Youth Voices. “Programs like this are creating the journalists of the future, me being one of them. This youth revolution is going to change the face of radio as we know it.”

The Open Society Institute supported the launching of Generation PRX with an initial one-year grant of $75,000. Their support was matched with additional funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

In the coming year, Generation PRX will develop new channels for distributing youth-produced radio such as podcasting, continue to collaborate with youth producers and youth radio leaders, and create opportunities for youth leadership and training.

“The momentum of Generation PRX is really growing. Youth producers and adult leaders are leading the way by uploading, reviewing and sharing ideas,” said Generation PRX project coordinator Jones Franzel. Stations are responding.

“Because of Generation PRX, youth-produced pieces have already been licensed by stations over 40 times. Tens of thousands of people are listening to youth voices and youth perspectives,” Jones added. “It’s thrilling.”

To learn more, visit Generation PRX at http://generation.prx.org or the Public Radio Exchange at http://prx.org

Generation PRX connects youth radio producers and leaders, works with stations to broadcast more youth radio and provides an online space for peer review and feedback. Generation PRX promotes youth voices and youth-produced radio to help listeners discover the next generation of sound.