“Why Fund Media?” highlights the Radio Exchange

The Council on Foundations has released a report for the foundation and media communities entitled “Why Fund Media?”, which features the Radio Exchange alongside new radio projects such as the Third Coast Festival and Transom.org. The report focuses on “the unique effect media can have in advancing program goals”, and “supports grantmakers in their decision to fund media projects.”

Here’s an excerpt of the article on radio projects:

“[Jay] Allison has now joined with the Station Resource Group, a membership organization of leading public radio stations, to develop another idea that might bring even more independently produced pieces to a wider audience: The Radio Exchange (www.radioexchange.org).

The Radio Exchange will be an online clearinghouse for works from independent producers and stations across the country. Contributors will encode their pieces in MP3 digital audio format and upload them to a database. Staffers at public radio stations will then visit the site, read synopses and reviews of the uploaded works, and download them for broadcast on a locally produced show. The Radio Exchange will “move the center” of the public radio system, Allison says, and begin making a truly decentralized network of producers and stations. The project recently received its first major support from the Corporate for Public Broadcasting.

‘If the mechanism were in place so that the real diversity of program material could get to the air, and stations committed the time, we could have a whole different range of voices on the air,” he says. ‘Once that exists I think support [from foundations] would be a much more attractive option.'”

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