Sync: Embeddable Audio Players and More Coming Soon

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Hi producers,

We’ve been listening closely to what you want from PRX, and we’re excited about upcoming features to help you share your work far and wide…including embeddable audio players!

We also held our second PRX 101 for Producers last month, and plan on doing another one next quarter. (See notes of what we covered.)

Merry PRXmas,
Member Support & Editorial Associate

Sharing Galore: New Piece Features

A holiday gift from PRX: new features coming soon that will take your pieces into 2011 in sharing style.

Embeddable Widget Audio Player

Opt-into having large or small embeddable widgets that you and others can post on blogs and other websites. (This will be available only to paid PRX members at first.)

The small widget in a WordPress blog

Open Streaming

Currently, only logged-in PRX members can listen to your pieces. We’ll allow you to let non-logged in users listen if you want, like this.

Short URLs

When you publish a piece, you’ll be given a short piece URL perfect for tweeting right away to let the world know it’s live on PRX.

News, Tips & Cool Stuff

This is a big !@#$% deal

Stations need you to fill out your content advisories on your pieces. You should also bleep swear words before uploading to PRX. Have questions about what counts? Ask us.

He’s seen the future…

PRX’s own John Barth shares The State of Radio and where we’re headed, from more collaboration to new platforms to bigger audiences, with a need for more risk-taking and crossing of the “great divide”.

All hail the bunny

January is when we compile our annual list of the most licensed and listened-to pieces on PRX, the Zeitfunk Awards. Get your pieces uploaded by the end of the year to be in the running!


It’s UnFictional

KCRW-Santa Monica’s new program UnFictional highlights work from indie producers, and they get a ton of their content from PRX. They’re looking for documentaries and stories that have a strong narrative. Log into PRX to send the program’s host direct links to your pieces that may fit.

Share your experience

The Association of Independents in Radio and Independent Television Service need indie producers’ perspectives on their short CPB-funded survey.

The survey explores distribution, format, and areas where independents generate income outside of public media and what their prospects may be for the future. The findings will provide the first comprehensive understanding of indie journalists contributing to public radio, television, and online.

Read the FAQ and complete the survey by Dec. 31 at 11 p.m. ET.

Hiring: Full-time reporter

KUOW in Seattle seeks an environmental reporter as part of a CPB-funded Local Journalism Center. Production will include news spots and feature-length reports for multiple platforms including online and broadcast. Learn more and apply by Jan. 5.

Sync: PRX is Third Coastin’, Plus News & Tips

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Hi producers,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Third Coast Conference time! We’re looking forward to seeing our producer friends and new faces this week.

Corner us in the halls and ask about the latest PRX news. Join us at our table and discuss that help question you have. Or, come play us your latest and best piece.

See you in Chicago,
Member Support & Editorial Associate

Third Coastin’

Listen now

Some of the winning Third Coast Competition pieces are already up on PRX. Their specific awards will be announced at the ceremony Oct. 30, so get a head start listening!

PRX will be the exclusive home of Best of the Best: The 2010 Third Coast Festival Broadcast, coming Nov. 18.

And, we know there are many wonderful pieces out there that didn’t win. If you entered the Third Coast Competition, put your entry on PRX and let us know.

Did you know that…

You can use PRX to contact stations about your work? You can promote yourself to the outside world using your profile, playlists, and — coming soon — embeddable widgets?

There are many things that PRX can do that you may not know — stop by our table at Third Coast and ask us anything or let us show you around!

News, Tips & Cool Stuff

Free PRX 101 Webinars

This summer, the PRX help staff held our first open webinars, and we had a lot of attendees and great questions. So, we’re doing it again.

PRX 101 for Producers is Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. EST (register) and PRX 101 for Stations is Nov. 16 at 1 p.m. (register).

Tips from a PRX insider

PRX support staffer and indie producer Emily Corwin talked with a ton of producers at a retreat this past weekend, and has tips based on their questions.

It’s terrestrial!

REMIX Radio is an experimental radio stream showcasing pieces from Originally on XM 136, the station is now on KPBZ 90.3 in Spokane, Wash. You can also listen to a free stream on

REMIX curators are continually looking for pieces on PRX. Make it easy for them to license your work if they want to by adjusting your opt-in preferences.

And, speaking of other great showcases of indie talent…

Are you animated?

O’Dark 30 is an exploration of the world of independent audio production on Austin’s KUT, and they get most of the pieces from PRX producers. Each episode has a fun animated promo you can find online along with all the past episodes. They also create playlists of all the PRX producers’ pieces that are in the shows.

Send O’Dark 30 direct links to your best work on PRX.

iPhone envy no more

The PRX-developed This American Life app is now on Android.


Looking for bullying stories

Bullying has been all over the news lately. Events across the country demonstrate both the tragic consequences of bullying, and how much more we need to understand it. PRX is looking for your stories on bullying, with an eye towards creating an hour-long special on the issue. Have stories? Working on something? Let us know.

News Director opening

Louisville Public Media is looking for a “seasoned journalist and dynamic leader to develop and nurture a major expansion of our local news effort.”

Sync: PRX Sends Help and Producer Happenings

Sync is our producer newsletter. Sign up to receive the next monthly issue in your email.

Hi producers,

As summer winds down, we’re gearing up for PRPD and Third Coast. If you go, stop by our booth to say hello and get the latest PRX news.

In the meantime, get a PRX refresher at our upcoming webinars, and check out reminders and opportunities.

Best radio wishes,
Member Support & Editorial Associate

PRX Sends Help

Our First Open Webinars

With more than 20,000 radio pieces on, it can feel a little overwhelming. Can I add more people to my group account? How do I get paid? What do I pay to join? How do I get exposure for my pieces?

Sign up for a webinar! No experience necessary — they’re open to new PRX users or seasoned members who would like a review.

PRX 101 for Producers is Aug. 19 at 3 p.m. EST (register) and PRX 101 for Stations is Aug. 12 at 4 p.m. (register).

News & Reminders

Got Royalties?

In order for us to send you your royalties, we need your SS# on file. Contact Kerri. You can view your royalties from My PRX > Royalty Statements.

New Purchaser

Destination DIY is one of PRX’s newest outside purchasers. Producer Julie Sabatier is looking for pieces that take DIY beyond home improvement and crafts, to explore all kinds of ways people work with limited resources to create rather than consume. Be sure to manage your opt-in preferences for Destination DIY and dozens of other OPs at My PRX > Outside Purchaser Preferences.

GPRX: Prettier, More Social

Generation PRX is our project to support youth radio. We recently redesigned parts of the GPRX network to better connect producers, pieces, resources and ideas. Check it out and share why you love radio with youth producers.

You Tweet, We Tweet

Do you tweet about your radio work? Send us your Twitter account so we can follow you and you can scratch our backs, too.

Events & Opportunities

Snap Judgment Needs Stories

Got a story about getting busted, breaking in or roughing it? Hot new show Snap Judgment needs stories on these and other themes. Check out their pitch list and send them what you’ve got!

PubCamp Boston

Participate in a single-day un-conference Aug. 21. Come to set the agenda, share ideas, network and lay the foundation for what’s to come in new media.

Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize

Sponsored by WBUR and Boston University, the prize honors a young public radio journalist who has produced a news piece of particular significance within the past year. Deadline for submissions is Sept. 17.

Reality Radio

If you’re lucky enough to be in Boston on Sept. 21, mark your calendar for an event tied to the book Reality Radio. WGBH and AIR will host author John Biewen and radio creators Ira Glass, Jay Allison and The Kitchen Sisters.

AIR’s Sounds Elemental Intensive

Grab one of 10 slots for AIR’s immersion in NYC Nov. 15-19. It’s a unique way to treat yourself to a deep dive into unconventional approaches to assembling sound and story. Application deadline is Sept. 30.

Sync: Summer News & Opportunities for Producers

Sync is our producer newsletter. Sign up to receive the next monthly issue in your email.

Happy summer, producers!

Sunny days are bringing new excitement here at PRX — our favorite ice cream shop is open, and we got an important grant. Plus, there are tons of great opportunities for producers like the Third Coast Competition.

Member Support & Editorial Associate

Big News

PRX Wins Knight News Challenge Award

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve won a grant to create PRX StoryMarket, which will allow the public to suggest story ideas, vote on them, and pitch in funds to help them get produced.

What does this mean for you?

Here’s an excerpt from our official announcement:

“If you are an independent producer, StoryMarket is a new source for funding original work…Distinct from — an open market for existing work — StoryMarket helps commission new work at professional rates for the best ideas.”

PRX StoryMarket will start this fall in Louisville,
and we hope to have it in at least three other markets next year.

Cool Stuff

A PRX Milestone

Yep, that number in your PRX profile’s web address actually means something:

We were excited to pass the 100,000-member mark this spring, and even more excited to have another talented producer in our midst, Jason Wilber, a musician who has performed on David Letterman and who has a show coming to PRX in July.

The Embed Experience

A fascinating feature from producer Jake Warga for Transom, How to Embed and Why Not, covers the costs, what to do before you go, and how to navigate while you’re at war — including what acronyms like “HMMWV” mean. An excerpt:

“I suggest wearing something that says PRESS on it; I found that once soldiers know you’re not a contractor they REALLY want to talk to you. I was the first media person most soldiers had ever met.”
Full article

Hear Jake’s pieces about Iraq on PRX.

Events & Opportunities

If you make great radio…

You gotta enter the Third Coast Competition, honoring the best stories produced worldwide, including those produced for public, independent or commercial radio, plus podcasts, audio tours and installations. Final deadline is July 14.

Need a new gig?

Work somewhere cool!
We’re hiring a developer and NHPR is hiring producers.

Apply for AIR’s Sounds Elemental Intensive

A week-long intensive will be held in NYC in Nov. for mid to advanced level producers. You don’t have to be an AIR member to participate. This opportunity may be especially appealing to those working in traditional radio formats eager to experiment with new approaches to sound and storytelling. Application deadline is Sept. 30.

Sync: Award photos, network clocks & producer events

Sync is our producer newsletter. Sign up to receive the next monthly issue in your email.

Hi PRX producer,

Ah, spring…sunny days, flip-flops and royalty checks (yep — they’re on their way!).

We’re also excited about the creative photos and acceptance speeches our Zeitfunk Award winners sent in for our virtual awards ceremony.

And, as always, we have news and tips about the PRX world and other radio goings-on.

Member Support & Editorial Associate

Zeitfunk Virtual Awards Ceremony

The Zeitfunk Awards are our annual list of the most licensed pieces, producers and stations of the previous year — a resource of what’s selling on PRX and a great way to honor your hard work.

Each of our first-place winners gets a trophy and is invited to our virtual awards ceremony. No fancy dress required — just a photo and an acceptance speech.

Well, you’ve outdone it this year; pretty soon we’ll need a Zeitfunk Award for Best Zeitfunk Photo and Speech. Head to the Awards Ceremony!

PRX News & Tips

Cool changes: updated

Did you notice this icon with pieces and playlists on our home page? It’s the first step toward creating an embeddable audio player that we hope to let you use in the future on Facebook and other sites. More about PRX 3.11.

Talkin’ PRX: Context on what we do

You may have read AIR’s thorough comparison of PRX and ContentDepot by Barrett Golding, a PRX and AIR member.

Says PRX Executive Director Jake Shapiro, “The article is hugely helpful in gathering and distilling opinions about PRX from stations and producers.” And, naturally, the article provoked some thoughts and observations from us.

Read Jake’s blog post on piece promotion, reviews, local vs. national shows, collaborating with ContentDepot and more.

How long should my piece be?

We have show-specific clocks for Morning Edition, ATC and special programs. They’re available from any PRX page in our footer under Resources > For Producers > Network Clocks, or right here.

See what piece lengths sold the most last year.

Have a question you would like to see answered in Sync? Feel free to email us!

We’re a Webby honoree

PRX is one of just nine official honorees in the Radio/Podcast category which includes The Guardian, IFC and Scientific American.

Events & Opportunities

Megapolis Festival: Baltimore, May 14-16

Megapolis is a weekend-long festival dedicated to the craft of DIY audio creation. Artists, documentarians, musicians, and fans come together to share secrets on producing and presenting challenging audio works online, on-air, and on the stage.

Third Coast call for entries opens in early May

The annual Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition honors the most creative and compelling audio work produced worldwide. PRX will once again be powering the easy-to-use online submission and uploading process.

NFCB Conference: St. Paul, Minn. June 9-12

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters Conference “is a place to connect with peers, get your battery re-charged, and expand your horizons…”

Sync: Zeitfunk Award Winners and Stuff We Dig

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Hi PRX producer,

Spring is in the air here in Cambridge, and PRX is rolling out the virtual red carpet for our annual Zeitfunk Awards, honoring the most licensed pieces, producers and stations of 2009!

We look forward to this each year because it’s a chance to honor the hard work that PRX members put into their craft.

And, it’s so exciting to see new names placing in the awards, that this year we highlighted (with our happy radio person seen above) each person and piece who has never placed in Zeitfunk before.

Congrats to all!

-Genevieve Sponsler
Member Support &
Editorial Associate

Gettin’ Zeitfunky

Here are the Zeitfunk first-place winners for 2009 (each will soon receive a trophy that is way more fun than an Oscar).

Many more of you placed; follow the links for the full list.

Most Licensed Producer
Phil Nusbaum (more)

Most Licensed Group
Vinyl Cafe (more)

Most Licensed Debut Producer
Chris Kuborn (more)

Most Licensed Debut Group
Music Mountain (more)

Zeitfunk is also a great resource of what’s selling and who’s buying it, including useful stats like the piece lengths that stations buy most.

PRX Can Do That?

Keep track of pieces you’ve sold
From My PRX > Carriage Reports, select a date range to download a CSV file that you can use in Excel. Each file tells you the purchase date, piece, purchaser, and any carriage the station provided.

Ira to go
About a month ago PRX’s developers released the This American Life iPhone App, with streaming access to every TAL episode, staff picks and special features. Heck, let Ira tell you about it.

Wake up to your favorite station
Our other (but no less awesome) iPhone app, the free Public Radio Player, has been downloaded over 2.5 million times, and we recently updated it with an alarm clock, faster performance and even a sleep timer.

Stuff We Dig

Recording on your iPhone/iPod
Recording from your iPhone would be so convenient, if only it sounded good. There may be hope — Transom reviews two new devices that you can attach to your phone.

Missed the Filmless Festival?
The annual Third Coast Filmless Festival, “a celebration of storytelling, sound and the art of listening,” took place on March 6 in Chicago. PRX has put together a playlist of some of the fantastic audio pieces featured at the festival. Take a listen.

Sync: Producer royalties, radio matters and PRX on iTunes

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Hi PRX producer,

We’re only a month into 2010 and we already have some exciting things to report.

Fourth quarter royalties in 2009 were the highest ever: $47,110 were earned by producers and stations. Checks are on the way.

We have gathered the stats for our Zeitfunk Awards — our annual list of the most licensed PRX pieces and producers — and are excitedly compiling the results. We’ll be announcing the winners in February.

Plus, we have a new Twitter feed featuring PRX producers’ work.

Here’s to more good things in 2010!

Member Support &
Editorial Associate

PRX News & Tips

We tweet, you listen to great stuff
Follow our daily staff-picked tweet of something cool on PRX.

This American Life back in iTunes
TAL’s entire archive of nearly 400 episodes is again available in the iTunes Store, this time thanks to PRX. We are thrilled to wield our powers as a direct-to-iTunes distributor, and…

PRX producers are in iTunes, too!
Peruse the albums and give your fellow producers some love by buying, reviewing and sharing with friends. We have a small staff and are not looking for more album pitches at the moment, but we’re excited about where this could lead.

Almost here: carriage spreadsheets
PRX 3.10 will include downloadable CSV files of carriage information that you can use in Excel. When you talk with stations remind them that it is important to fill out carriage.

Got a good podcast?
We’re curating audio podcasts for Miro, a non-profit website and application that aggregates and organizes podcasts. PRXer Emily Corwin is heading the curation, and she’s open to suggestions. Send her your podcast feed — she’ll have a listen and bring the best to the top.

Radio Matters

Ever wonder if radio has an impact now or where it’s going in the future? Check out these great links from our pals:

New on Transom: “Kidnap Radio”
Producer Annie Correal’s father was kidnapped in Colombia in 1999, and her family used the radio program “Voices of Kidnapping” to deliver messages with the hope that he would hear them in captivity — and he did.

In Kidnap Radio, Annie shares her story and those of others who continue to use the radio to reach out to their kidnapped loved ones.

A word from AIR: “We Can Because You Do”
Sue Schardt, Executive Director of the Association of Independents in radio, breaks down public radio in dollars and cents and shares what she sees in the future for producers:

“The change underway is happening at the level of craft. The transformation of media is being driven from the bottom up, by individual producers — working independently and at organizations across the country — learning the new tools, adapting their practice, and inventing new ways to tell stories and spread their work. Our job is to recognize them, get them what they need, then step out of the way and let them lead us to the ‘new public media’ so many are speaking of.”

Read more

Merry PRXmas: Getting Paid, An Interviewer’s Guide and More

Sync is our producer newsletter. Sign up to receive the next monthly issue in your email.

Hi PRX producer,

Merry PRXmas! We leave 2009 knowing that we have more members and more great content than ever — and we recently surpassed over $1 million in royalty payments to producers.

Congrats to all of you who have sold your work! We hope to send you another million, and we know stations are becoming more open to unique content from independent producers.

Stay tuned for our list of 2009’s most licensed, most listened-to and most “favorited” PRX pieces and producers — the Zeitfunk Awards. (Last year’s winners.)

Thank you for being a part of our journey to reshape public radio. Onward to 2010!

Member Support &
Editorial Associate

PRX News & Tips

Help desk limited over the holidays
The help desk elves will be away for the holidays and answering only urgent issues from Dec. 22 to Jan. 4. Email issues to prxhelp[at]prx[dot]org.

You’re in the money
Fourth quarter ’09 royalties will be paid in early January. Royalties are taxable income and you will receive a 1099 in January, too. Please make sure PRX has your correct address and tax ID on file; send both to kerri[at]prx[dot]org.

Coming soon: carriage spreadsheets
PRX 3.10 will include downloadable CSV files of carriage information that you can use in Excel.

Don’t get coal in your PRX stocking
Fill out your profile! Stations won’t buy a piece if they don’t know anything about who produced it. Your profile has space for experience, awards, outlets on which your work has previously aired, etc. Brag a little!

An Interviewer’s Resource

Our friends at Virtuoso Voices have put together Interviewing Performing Artists…and Others: A Practical Guide and are happy to share this fantastic resource as a PDF.

They gathered interview tips from 25 radio professionals including hosts Robert Siegel and Kurt Andersen, plus successful indie producers like PRX members Paul Ingles and Aaron Henkin.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Think about the order of your questions as carefully as you think about the questions themselves…The order of your questions should craft a narrative arc, and you can save yourself a lot of post-interview slicing and dicing if you spend some extra prep time beforehand.” – Aaron Henkin, creator/host of Tapestry of the Times

Indie Producers at Home on KUT

O’Dark 30 is an exciting new addition to KUT’s late-night schedule — an exploration of the world of independent audio production. Every Monday from 12-3 a.m., the Austin station will play a little bit of everything from some of public radio’s best producers, and they’re buying a ton of indie content right from PRX.

Not in Austin? Not up that late? Listen online!

Sync: Easier Uploading & Better Piece Pages

Sync is our producer newsletter. Sign up to receive the next monthly issue in your email.

Hi PRX Producer,

You might have noticed we just made some significant changes to Based on your suggestions and ideas, the updated piece page is designed to help stations find what they need on your pieces more quickly.

We also created a friendlier, faster way to upload audio through the browser.

3.9 has more than sixty other enhancements and bug fixes, including more visible membership information.

Thanks for pushing good changes at PRX!

Member Support &
Editorial Associate

Welcome PRX 3.9

New piece page highlights:

  • More visible piece data including the audio player, length, timing, cues, news holes, production date and content advisories above the fold. Do your part: add this key info to your pieces!

  • We show more of your pieces on each piece page, right below the audio player.

  • A more concise piece summary, plus a producer contact button next to the photo.

  • Now you can see station carriage reports on both the piece page and My PRX. If your piece gets licensed and the station doesn’t fill out carriage info, please contact them from their PRX profile.

Our new browser uploader lets you select and upload all your files for a piece at once. Learn more.

Do you have more ideas of what we need next on to make it work better for you? Let us know!

Tips & Resources

Want your work in a podcast?
Several PRX producers’ pieces have already been featured in EconomyBeat. Let us know if you have a piece you want us to consider for it: add the piece to PRX and give it the tag “ebpodcast” or email Roman Mars.

Updated: An Ideal Piece Page
Have you filled out all the useful info that makes your pieces attractive to stations? Learn how.

Fan us on Facebook!
We share cool pieces (maybe one of yours!), the latest PRX news and more on our page.


Did you start in youth radio?
PRX’s YouthCast host, Molly Adams, is producing a new Web segment interviewing adults who found their passion for media when they joined a youth radio group. Email Molly if this is you — share your story with the country’s youngest producers!

Science Literacy Training
SoundVision Productions is presenting Science Literacy Training for public radio reporters and producers in the Bay Area, April 11-17. The workshop includes sessions on science journalism, reporting science for radio and more. Applicants receive no-cost tuition, free board, a stipend toward transportation and some meals. Applications are due by 5 p.m. PST on Dec. 10.

Sync: Fresh Tips & New Resources

Sync is our producer newsletter. Sign up to receive the next monthly issue in your email.

Hi PRX Producer,

We returned from the Public Radio Programming Directors (PRPD) Conference in Cleveland a little over a week ago, and we’re brimming with energy from the friendly faces, wonderful events, and inspiring ideas.

Thanks to a partnership between PRPD and the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR), lots of producers and the Third Coast Festival were in attendance, too.

We kept our ears open and gathered some of the most useful tidbits. For the full PRX rundown on PRPD, check out our blog post.

The most reassuring bit of info for us — and for you — is that stations are more excited than ever to use PRX content.


Member Support &
Editorial Associate

Fresh from PRPD

Here’s some info from sessions and feedback from PRPD-attending stations.

Pitching your program ideas
Several brave souls pitched their ideas to programming staff during Third Coast’s “Other Pitch” session at the conference. APM provided a helpful handout (PDF) on how to make a great pitch, including answering the “most important question”: “What makes this something the audience can’t do without?”

Listen in
While the conference sessions are only available to PRPD members, you can listen to keynote speeches and the benediction, which was a one-of-a-kind presentation by PRX Talent Quest winner and “State of the Re:UNION” host Al Letson.

Is that intro yours?
Pieces on PRX should be ready for air and for use by our outside purchasers. For example, stations and programs won’t air intros and outros read by the hosts of other programs. If your piece aired previously, remove these from the audio file before adding it to PRX. Instead, type them into the Intro and Outro fields on the piece creation page.

Spelling counts on PRX
Correct spelling in your piece descriptions is a sign of credibility, and it matters for search results, too. If you enter the tag “forclosure,” your piece won’t be found if a station searches for “foreclosure.” Think job application — how you present your work affects how many stations will buy it.

PRX News & Resources

Meet me at FluPortal
Launched by PRX and CPB, FluPortal links to reputable public information, public media coverage, and customized Web widgets. Weave these resources into your on-air reports and your Web sites.

Are you covering the flu? Let us know — we want to highlight pieces on FluPortal.

EconomyBeat Podcast
Do you have a piece you think should be considered for the EconomyBeat Podcast? Add it to PRX and give it the tag “ebpodcast.” More about PRX and the Economy Collaboration.

PRX goes bilingual
The International Center for Journalists is using PRX “to provide community radio journalists in the United States and Latin America with a new Web-based service to share and rebroadcast stories across borders.” Press release.

New PRX Pointer
Here’s how to make a playlist that will allow you to gather PRX pieces, play them in a row, and launch a popup player so that you can browse PRX (or any site) while they play.

Events & Opportunities

Third Coast Awards Ceremony
Oct. 23 at 7:30 p.m., Arts Club of Chicago
You’re invited to the party honoring the winners of the TCF/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. Hear excerpts from the year’s best radio stories, salute the producers behind this remarkable work, and meet this year’s Audio Luminary Award recipient.

Reminder: Listening Institute
Nov. 12-15, Duke University
Radiomakers will gather for a weekend of workshops, intense listening, and critical discussions about a wide range of audio documentaries. Presented by Third Coast and the Center for Documentary Studies.