Welcome Radiotopia Executive Producer Julie Shapiro!


Greetings from day 3 at PRX. I’m Julie Shapiro (no relation besides friend/colleague to PRX’s other J(ake) Shapiro) and mere words can’t describe how excited I feel to have joined the family via Radiotopia. Maybe a few sounds would do the trick? Use your imagination.

There’s no single trajectory that delivered me here, but surely a few dots have connected along the way: countless record store jobs, publishing a zine (Anodyne) for years, programming an experimental music festival (Transmissions), earning a degree in Sociology, traveling all over the place, a few years with the Center for Documentary Studies, thirteen amazing years with the Third Coast International Audio Festival, and, most recently, launching and steering the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s small but mighty Creative Audio Unit (CAU).

Certain recurring themes have persisted over the years: listening and stories. Asking questions and experimenting. Championing independence and fostering community. Thinking, encouraging, challenging, obsessing over font choice and organizing – from ladies’ clothing swaps to international radio gatherings. Horses, books, mixtapes, sesame bagels and PTDS.

Around the time Radiotopia blazed into the podcasting galaxy, I moved with my family to Sydney and immersed myself in building the CAU from the ground up. But I listened closely (ok, obsessively) from afar as podcasting turned mainstream – undoubtedly helped along by Radiotopia, and all of the amazing producers in its orbit, and realized I wanted/needed to be closer to the epicenter.

Now, I’m starting this gig in the middle of Radiotopia’s 2015 fall fundraising campaign, and have already been astounded by the show of love and support for the network so far. So many sustaining donors! So much generosity! So many exclamation points! (If you haven’t yet donated, please consider this my first official nudge, me to you, to head over to Radiotopia.fm and get busy. Thank you!)

We have new Radiotopia ideas, plans and projects in the works, to say the least. Now if we could just bend the space-time continuum to provide more listening hours in the day…

I’m working on it. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Alex Craig

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  1. I’ve been a fan of this J(ulie) Shapiro, a creative force, since she was 4 and I was 5. Radiotopia is lucky to have you!

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